Sterling Asset Management Donates JMD $150,000 to The Pringle Home for Girls

Sterling Asset Management Donates JMD $150,000 to The Pringle Home for Girls


The philanthropic efforts of Sterling Asset Management were on full display last Friday, May 6th at a cheque handover to the Pringle Home for Girls operated by the United Church in Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Islands (UCJCI), valued at JMD $150,000.00.
The financial support will bolster the Children’s Home’s day-to-day operations whilst the child development facility commemorates its 100th anniversary.
“We approached Sterling Asset Management to ask for support for the signal anniversary of the Pringle Home for Children that are under the operations of the United Church in Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Islands. The home has continuously provided its services over these 100 years for the care and protection of at-risk and vulnerable children in Jamaica,”  said Dr Pansy Hamilton, Chair of the Pringle Home Committee for the 100th Anniversary Celebration.
“Child care is such an important area because when there are deficits in that area it really compromises the population going forward, and I think we have a moral obligation to ensure that as far as possible that we provide for those coming behind us, and I think it’s very obvious that there are great deficits in the care and protection of our children and the pandemic has made it even starker. And we do thank Sterling for this assistance,” she added.
As the continues to build community involvement and awareness of the urgent need to tackle the issue of child displacement and protection within our society, the entity will kick off its 100th celebration with a slew of activities, starting with a church service; an open day; a panel discussion on child care; and an anniversary magazine.
In handing over the cheque, Marian Ammar, VP of Trading & Investments at Sterling Asset Management, noted that the enhancement of social protection mechanisms, particularly to support vulnerable and at-risk groups are important while reiterating the financial wealth commitment to serving vulnerable groups including children.
“This allocation is yet another example of our commitment to support marginalized and at-risk groups in our home country. We are grateful to be a part of this important vision as these funds will serve to address some of those most pressing challenges and urgent socio-economic challenges that our youth continue to endure daily,” she said.
The donation is to be used in two parts, $50,000 of this contribution will go towards the day to day operations and the balance towards the 100th Anniversary events which are aimed at celebrating the Home and bringing awareness and support..
The Pringle Home for Girls is located in the mountainous reigns of Carron Hall, St. Mary. The Home provides assistance for abandoned, orphaned, and street children.

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