Judith Falloon-Reid: The Indomitable Woman

Judith Falloon-Reid: The Indomitable Woman


Judith Falloon-Reid is a force to be reckoned with in the creative world. You may know her as the writer and director of “Just Another Friday” and “Just Another Friday 2”, but she is more than that. She is an Award-Winning Film Director, Author, Motivational Speaker, Wife and Mother, among many other things. The renowned creative and her husband, Michael Brown, have used their talents to transform many lives.

Though she primarily resides in the United States, her Jamaican roots are strong and run deep. Judith has lived in all the counties on the island. Born in Kingston, raised in Mandeville and Montego Bay and then back to Kingston. Despite migrating to the US in 1994, she returns to Jamaica at least three times per year. According to Judith, “[she] always deh a yard”.

I had the pleasure of talking with Judith, and to say I left inspired and motivated to pursue my passions and ministry actively, would be an understatement. She is passionate and dedicated to her family and loves her children dearly. Though she wears many hats, the hat that takes priority is her “Mommy hat”.

Judith Falloon-Reid
A selfie of Judith and her happy family while on vacation in Vancouver. Pictured here are her Grandson Ajani and daughters Michele & Robyn.

Creative Disciplines

“The sun is bright; it gives off light. It shines by day and not by night.” was written by the accomplished creative at age 4. Yes, Judith became actively involved in the creative field from her “eyes did deh ah ar knees”. Her first role was acting as an Angel in the annual Christian play at her church. She then started writing and took on many other disciplines. During her high school years at Mount Alvernia High School, she developed her crafts by participating in choirs, drama, dance and poetry. The diversity of areas of interest paved the way for many exciting twists and turns that led to where she is today.

She has over four decades of writing expertise, covering everything from news, travel, Christian self-help books, fiction novels and filmography. She has authored multiple novels, children’s books, and inspiring self-help publications, including “Self-Publishing 101 4 Anyone,” a handbook that complements her workshop of the same name.


Judith Falloon-Reid
Judith Falloon-Reid and her Husband, Michael Brown

Judith and her husband, Michael Brown, are the owners of BarriVision Productions. Together, they have written and produced many films, including four award-winning Faith-based movies. Their films “70 x Seventy,” “Just Another Friday,” “The Gift Everlasting,” and “Just Another Friday 2” all earned awards.

In March 2013, Jamaica’s first and award-winning Gospel film premiered. “Just Another Friday” was the title of the film. In addition, the power couple launched “The Inspired Faith Film Festival,” “The Jamaica International Faith Film Festival,” and the “Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival.”

When asked about her decision to join the film industry, she shared that at the time, Jamaica did not have sufficient appropriate content for children and people of faith. Instead of complaining, she decided to become an agent of change. For her films, she partnered with the Jamaica Youth for Christ (JYFC) group and Church on the Rock, Ocho Rios, to spark a revival in the film industry.


Judith poses with a group of students from The Wolmer’s Trust High School for Girls.

Judith is a philanthropist and volunteer by heart. She enjoys making a difference in people’s lives, particularly young people. Judith is the founder of the Independent VoYces Literary Fair, a founding member of the Jamaica Drums 4 Peace movement and an active volunteer for the JYFC. Along with Michael, she founded the film division and facilitated the drama ministry at the JYFC. Using her professional skills to promote the drama ministry strengthened her evangelism and the lives of the young people with whom she engaged.

A Jamaican On Ice

Judith Falloon-Reid
Judith, during her visit to Antarctica.

In 2007, she became the first Jamaican woman to set foot in Antarctica. She documented her journey, dubbing it “Aaah-Inspiring Antarctica – a Jamaican on Ice“. The documentary chronicles her trip to the icy continent. Isn’t that amazing?

Visit her website or watch the film below to learn more about Judith Falloon-Reid and her journey.

FIRST JAMAICAN WOMAN IN ANTARCTICA - A Jamaican on Ice - Aaah-Inspiring Antarctica

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