Tenacious Tennille – A Woman on a Mission

Tenacious Tennille – A Woman on a Mission


The top Loyalty & Travel consultant at Sandals South Coast encourages other women to remain steadfast. She advises them to pursue their professional and educational goals. Tennille Rowe recently received an award for her outstanding efforts in surpassing targets for her region. Her region covers Westmoreland and Hanover (Sandals South Coast, Sandals Negril and Beaches Negril).

The mother of six has been a part of the Sandals South Coast family for just under a year. Tennille is blazing the trail in her department, consistently reaching and exceeding her target on a month-to-month basis.

Tennille has over five years of experience in sales. She started her Sandals journey back in 2006 as a cocktail waitress at Beaches Negril. With hunger and passion for achieving more, Tennille transitioned away from Sandals to a five-year stint in sales. She eventually found her way back home to hospitality and the Sandals brand. Tennille took on a role as a bartender at Sandals Negril. During her two years in this position, she learned about and developed an interest in the resort’s Loyalty and Travel department. Although her three attempts to join the team were initially unsuccessful, Tennille remained undeterred. Though disappointed, she was determined not to lose sight of her goal to become a part of that team.

“I’ve always loved sales, and during my time at Beaches Negril, I grew to love the tourism and hospitality industry too. I knew, therefore, that the Loyalty and Travel department would have given me the perfect opportunity to marry the two. What I had learnt over the five-year span in sales would give me an advantage in the department. It would also give me the opportunity to help my team members where it was needed.”  

Tennille Rowe

Opportunity Knocking

Tennille recalls one morning on her way to work, she and Sandals South Coast’s Loyalty and Travel Manager Russell Jackson crossed paths and got to talking. “I told him of my interest in joining the team and my passion for sales. We exchanged contact information, and he promised that should an opportunity arise in his department, he would reach out to let me know”, Tennille recounted.  

Remaining hopeful even after weeks passed, the news she was anticipating finally came. She was rearing and ready to go. “It was one night after coming home from working late. I saw a text message from Russell asking if I received a call from Human Resources (HR) concerning an interview. Turns out I had missed the call but asked him to send me the details to reach out to HR. Two interviews later, I was successful,” she said excitedly.

“I was over the moon when I found out that I had secured the position. I already knew so much about the department as I had done my research and envisioned myself as a part of the team for so long. I felt as though the timing was just perfect,” she added.

Work After Success

Since transitioning to Sandals South Coast, Tennille’s peers and guests have noticed her work ethic. Her manager Russell Jackson shared, “Tennille has been with me since August 2021 and has been very impressive! She is a go-getter and a fighter. Her professionalism is commendable, and I know that with the hard work I see her put in every day, she will continue to excel.”

Sandals Resorts International expands throughout the region. Sandals Royal Curacao will open in June, and the first Beaches Resort in the Eastern Caribbean is in the works. Tennille has her eyes on further personal growth and development throughout the Sandals brand. She is working on qualifying herself through the Sandals Corporate University (SCU). She hopes to one day extend her tenure to work at one of the company’s many resorts across the Caribbean. “I’m planning on taking full advantage of the many offerings of the SCU to continue to improve my skills.”

Words of Encouragement

“I am indeed proud of the work Tennille has done for our resort and the Sandals brand at large. It’s these types of stories and development opportunities that make our team members aspire to continue working hard at their jobs. Sandals Resorts International is a family that cares about their team members, and Tennille has our support as she gears up to further her education”, General Manager O’Brian Heron said.

Despite her busy work schedule, Tennille still finds the time to excel at being a full-time mother. She says it can be a balancing act between making time to assist with homework and online classes, taking her kids to church, and having family time.

She encourages women to keep on pushing irrespective of setbacks. “It may not always be easy, and it may seem like what you want to do right now just isn’t working out, but God has a plan, and you just have to trust him and align yourself to be ready when the opportunity presents itself,” she said.

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