Prince William’s statement is not an apology! The expression of “profound sorrow,” is unacceptable. Why? It is merely an acknowledgement that slavery was abhorrent. A bad thing that all well-thinking persons would condemn. There was no responsibility taken! No call out of centuries of British bloody conquest and plunder. No call out of the dehumanization and exploitation. Expressing “gratitude for the immense contribution that this generation and descendants made …which continues to enrich our society” whitewashes the abhorrent involvement and enrichment of the monarchy of which the Duke is heir. There was no committing to reparations. This “tone deaf” statement echoes the well-crafted words of his father. It does not rise to the level of the formal apology that we deserve. All that it does is to confirm the insensitivity of the Royal family to the plight of Jamaicans today, both here in Jamaica and in Britain.

Among other things, we are mindful that three generations of hardworking Jamaicans in the UK face the risk of deportation. This callous act is the British response to what Prince William referred to as the “invincible spirit” that “spurred on the Windrush generation”. Instead of acknowledging the shame of the recent treatment of Jamaicans, “who came to the United Kingdom to help rebuild after the Second World War.” These are empty words! Is this the expression of One Love?!

This response strengthens the Advocates Network’s resolve to ensure that our government escalates the steps in establishing a Republic. This must be on terms that will put power in the hands of the Jamaican people, and complete the decolonization process.

William’s words strengthen our resolve to join other Jamaicans at home and abroad, as well as other CARICOM nationals, in demanding a formal apology and reparations.


The Advocates Network is an unincorporated, non-partisan alliance of individuals and organizations advocating for human rights and good governance to improve the socio-economic conditions of the people of Jamaica and to transform lives. Our core objective is to forge an effective, broad-based collaboration of individuals and civil society organizations to support human rights and good governance issues.

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