Protest Against Remnants of Colonialism in Jamaica

Protest Against Remnants of Colonialism in Jamaica


Scores of people gathered in the vicinity of the British High Commission in Kingston, Jamaica, to protest for an apology from the Royals. The Advocacy Network headed the organised protest, joined by many interested groups and individuals. Consequently, the rally came in the wake of the arrival of William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to Jamaica. The royal couple is engaging in an official visit from March 22-24.

In anticipation of the royals’ arrival, the Advocates Network wrote an open letter to the couple. Conversely, the letter’s contents include reminders of 60 reasons to apologise for past human rights tragedies committed by the British against people of African descent and the indigenous people of Jamaica.

Speaking with our news team, Professor Rosalea Hamilton shared expectations from the protest actions and the open letter. Firstly, she believes it’s essential for the Jamaican public to express their views about the visit. Furthermore, Prof Hamilton shared that Advocates Network sees this as an opportune time for Jamaica to reflect on the past and the future as we look at advancing steps toward becoming a true Republic nation. With this intention, Ms Hamilton is passionate about Jamaica’s outlook after disconnecting from the royal family.

Rosalea Hamilton’s opinion on the steps Jamaica needs to take

Importance of the Protest

One of the most exciting aspects of the protest that Good News Jamaica heard was the unified voice. As a matter of fact, the message was the same no matter who we interviewed. As an illustration, we spoke with Ras Andrew, whose concern is what happens after moving away from the Queen. Moving away is a must, but how we are after, that was his focus.

Ras Andrew expresses his focus and needs for Jamaica
Stacy-Ann and Zuri Chin

The crowd that formed outside the United Kingdom’s High Commission included people from all walks of life. No matter the creed, people came out to make their voices heard. Specifically, we met up with a mother, daughter combination carrying placards with pointed messages.

Stacy-Ann and Zuri Chin express their feelings about the stance of the population.

Famous artist Queen Ifrica was among the protesters on the frontline. She stood firm amongst the others against having a foreigner as the head of our country. It’s no surprise that we refer to her as the “Fya Mumma.”.

Queen I-Frica on the need to answer the call
Queen I-frica poses with Ms Kay Osborne

Former Executive Director of the RJR Group and Jamaicans for Justice, Kay Osborne, showed her love for all the people who answered the call for solidarity. No stranger to the front line for many years herself, defiantly standing up for what is right is nothing new. The passion in her words represented many years of seeing her brothers and sisters rejected. She came to say ‘No More’.

Kay Osborne’s passionate explanation of the importance of showing up

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  1. Thanks for the info. It’s interesting to see people from all walks of life standing up in one accord that it’s time we break ties with the monarchy!👍

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