Mark Golding Secures Funds for Students in Ukraine

Mark Golding Secures Funds for Students in Ukraine

Mark Golding

People’s National Party President, Mark Golding MP, has contacted Jamaican students who are still in Ukraine, intending to try to assist them in leaving the war-torn country. 

With the support of friends, the PNP has arranged Ten Thousand US Dollars (US$10,000) to assist the students with transportation, food or other necessities. Mr Golding said – “I have made contact with Prime Minister Holness to see if the funds can be routed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, to ensure that the efforts are coordinated and seamless. We just want to get the money to them as quickly as possible to help to get them out”.

The situation is very challenging and changes rapidly. At the request of the students, Mr Golding has already provided a personal donation to cover the cost of purchasing train tickets for 25 students in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv who are seeking to get to Poland.

Mr Golding continued – “This morning, at the request of the students, I advanced the required sum, via direct transfer into one of the student’s bank accounts, to enable the purchase of train tickets for 25 students who are actively trying to leave. Unfortunately, they were eventually unable to secure the tickets, as the train was already fully booked. They are continuing to try to find other options to leave.”

The PNP wants to assure the students and their families that we will do whatever we can to assist them. We will continue to lobby the Government to act in their best interest.

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