Dancehall Thing! – Sound Clash # Four

Dancehall Thing! – Sound Clash # Four


It’s a dancehall thing when two sounds clash. The first three rounds were entertaining, and clash number 4 would be just as good by the looks of it. The fourth sound clash saw Twin-Star Sound and Kush International at the battle lines, prepared for war. Hosted by the energy boss himself, Beekie Bailey, the event was ready to launch. February is only halfway through. However, the Reggae Month events continue to sizzle.

Early Warm Up, Is a Dancehall Thing

The Juggling round began on a high note as Kush International took the stage. The MC walked on stage wrapped in a Jamaican flag and said, “Dem say a Jamaican month, a suh me a start it”. Kush International began their set playing “The National Anthem”. Next, we heard Stanley Beckford, and the Starlights “New Jamaica”, Half-pint “Greetings I bring from Jah”, Super Cat “Under Pressure”, Buju Banton “No Respect”, Sister Scully “Hurry Up, Get Ready to Go” Master KG “Jerusalema” and Tenor Saw’s “Life is One Big Road.”

Twin Star stepped up to answer Kush’s early attack. Upon walking to the stage, the MC stated, “First and foremost me want fi big up father God,” followed by Sizzla’s “Rise to the occasion”. That first selection set the tone as they dug into their arsenal playing tunes such as Bob Marley’s “Natural Mystic,  Sizzla “Solid As A Rock”, Bushman “Bun A fire”, Chronixx “Skanking”, Beres Hammond’s, “No Goodbye” and Jah Cure “When I Find That Girl.”

Bobby Digital Challenge

Each sound stepped up the challenge to only play songs produced by Bobby Digital for the second round. Kush International began their round with Buju, “Til I’m laid to rest”. They then played Shabba Ranks “Reality”, Dirtsman “Hot this year”, and Beenie man “Kette Drum.” Their round was cool and deadly and on point.

Twin Star wasn’t far behind with selections such as Garnett Silk “Bless Me”, Shabba ranks “Roots and Culture”, and Tony Rebel “Teach The Little Children”. Bobby digital played an integral role in Dancehall, producing countless new artists providing some with their first big break.

The Baddest Dub Plate Specials

After two rounds, the judges found it hard to choose a winner. Therefore, the third and final round was crucial for both sound systems to ‘kill’ the other sound with dubplates. Kush International first began their dub segment with Errol Dunkley’s “I Don’t Know Why”, followed by Freddie Mcgregor’s “Push Come To Shove”. They also landed with Bugle “Pearly Gates”, Freddie McGregor’s “Big Ship Sailing On The Ocean.”

In a bid not to be outshined, Twin Star began their third segment playing Stephen Marley “No Cigarette Smoking In My Room”. Their other tunes included Freddie McGregor’s “I Was Born A Winner”, Barrington levy’s “Broader Than Broadway”, and Admiral Tibet’s “Time is serious”.

Once again, the clash lived up to the hype. However, there could only be one winner in the end. The final announcement shared that Kush International had won the fourth soundclash.

Stay with us as we take you through the next round of the competition.


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