Sound System Clash #2 – It’s A Dancehall Thing

Sound System Clash #2 – It’s A Dancehall Thing

Sound System

The second Sound System Clash arrived with high expectations and it did not disappoint. The two sounds going at it were Ruff Cuts from St. Elizabeth and King Rhino from Montego Bay.

Round One Juggling and Mixing Ability

In round one King Rhino began their set with Eek A Mouse’s “Police In Helicopter”. This set the tone for an interesting evening. They continued to beat tunes including the likes of Buju Banton “lord give I strength”, Sizzla “Give me a try”. Half-pint “Greetings I bring” Super cat “Under pressure” Agent Sasco “Mix up official” and Bob Marley “Easy skanking” followed by Beanie Man’s “Murderer” dubplate.

Following this set was Ruff Cut who was determined not to be outdone. “Sound nervous already. Big up to all who rate father God” the MC voiced. Their segment included Buju Banton‘s “Our father”, Eric Donaldson “This is the land of my birth, Sizzla “Mash dem down”, Lt Stitchie “Wear your size” dubplate, Bushman “Call the hearse”, Super cat “Don Dada”, Innocent Kru “Impossible train” and Sister Scully’s “Hurry up, get ready to go”

Upon completing round one, those in the audience alongside the judges wanted more. This is what Dancehall clash is all about. The competitive nature of two sound systems, trying relentlessly to outdo the other.

Sound System Clash Round Two Judges (Left to Right) Admiral Bailey, Skatta Burrell and Jack Scorpio

When Sound System Clash Its Friendly War

Round 2 – Treasure Isle Productions
Round two consisted of Treasure Isle Production songs. Each sound system had to dig deep for what they deemed the best. In this round, King Rhino began the segment saying “Every man big up themself, but you know is a friendly war. Run di tune”. They came ready for war and we heard tunes such as The Melodians “Come on little girl come on” and Alton Ellis “Rocksteady”. Ruff cut showed no sign of slowing down and came with Phyllis Dillon’s “Don’t stay away”, Keith Poppin’s “Who are you” and John Holt’s “Put on your best dress tonight”.

Round 3 Tune fi Tune – Dub fi Dub
The third and final round was the dubplate round. Both sound systems had the chance to bring their best dubs to see who would make it through to the next round.

One Sound Have To ‘Die’

King Rhino played tunes such as “Knocking on heavens door” by Ed Robinson, Junior Reid “One blood” and Admiral Tibet “Serious times”. While Ruff Cut dug into their arsenal for tunes from Bob Andy ft Marcia Griffiths “Always together, Toots and The Maytals “54-46 was my number” and Marcia Griffiths “Settle Down”

In conclusion, there could only be one winner. Both Sound Systems was brilliant on stage. However, in the end, Ruff Cut’s tune selection and stage presence gave them the edge over King Rhino. Stay tuned for Clash number three.

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