Diamonds on the Rock ‘Roots Rock Reggae’

Diamonds on the Rock ‘Roots Rock Reggae’


Imagine being able to see your favourite reggae entertainers live, but you can pause, rewind and catch up on their performances. Now that would make the experience top class for sure. This was the vibe I was in when I sat back and watched the Diamonds on the Rock Reggae Month concert. As much as watching live reggae under the stars is always the best, this is second.

Diamonds on the Rock, represent great finds on this Jamdown, JamRock, Yaad home. The experience was like liquid gold mixed in a titanium bowl with a diamond-studded spoon. Every performer was a joy to the ear, eye and heart.

A smartly dressed Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley hosted the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) Reggae Wednesday Diamond Series event. Thanks to the support and input from the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment, and Sport. His engaging style guaranteed interaction with the audience and artists with easy banter, energy and humour.

The Musical Diamonds

Benjy Myaz showed off his instrumentalist, vocalist, and performer skills. The multi-talented artist created warmth from the opening while strumming the bass guitar, his first love. Myaz easily transitioned through his set, giving tribute to Dennis Brown in song while leaving us with ‘Love You Higher’ and promises of ‘Time Together.’

Benjy Myaz, Instrumentalist & Recording Artist

Described as a herbalist and environmentalist, the ‘Can’t Hear Must Feel’ artist Chezidek imparted his message of positivity to feed the people. He belted out several favourites, including the ‘Herb Campaign’ song. Chezidek message would not be complete without his hit ‘Leave the Trees’.

D Unit Band demonstrated top-notch adeptness in vocal and instrumental accompaniment throughout the diamond extravaganza. They understood the mission of ‘Catch Di Riddim’ and undoubtedly delivered.

D Unit Band

Stellar Performances

Uniquely introduced to this showing were sit-down segments in which MC Christopher Daley engaged both artists and several sponsors in a ‘talk-show’ styled discussion. A few represented sponsors included Mr Rezworth Burchenson, CEO Wealth Management at VM Investments. Mr Burchenson spoke briefly on the importance of wealth and investment for artists.

Young and emerging artist Tahira Elizabeth creates a fusion between reggae and dancehall in her jazzy/soulful style. This multi-faceted Marine Biologist wasted no time posting her fresh styled tune ‘See You Never’ among other songs in the audience’s minds throughout her set. Check out her new EP ‘Sentiments’.

Since winning the 2011 JCDC Gospel song competition, reggae singer Jah-Lil has created positive waves internationally. During his delivery, he gifted the audience with reggae dance tunes such as ‘Walk Good’, ‘Crosswalk’ and ‘Outside’. In describing his music, Jah-Lil wants his listeners to focus keenly on the message in the music and not the messenger,

Jah-Lil, Performing Artist

Reggae artist Althea Hewitt, described as a Jamaican goddess, is no stranger to the stage. Althea gave a spirited performance while demonstrating her superior vocal range. She also has a career on the screen as an actress.

Fire is said to be a purifier, and who better to seal the purification than Lutan Fyah. Whether you were live streaming or experiencing the event on the set, Lutan Fyah had everyone feel like skanking. Lutan was a whole vibe with his ‘Mightier Than Them’ and ‘Mama Love’, among other hit songs.

In conclusion, the event was made possible through several sponsors. A few sponsors include the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment & Sports, JARIA, The CHASE Fund, Phase 3 Productions, Starlight Productions and Auto Smart Insurance.

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