Sterling Asset Management: Philanthrophic Giant

Sterling Asset Management: Philanthrophic Giant


Sterling Asset Management considers itself as the “Caribbean’s foremost family-led 21st-century investment firm“. The firm partners with large brokerages to connect its clients with major global capital markets. Sterling Asset builds its popularity around providing clients with attractive returns for medium to long term US-dollars investments. Subsequently, Sterling commits to volunteerism and plays its part in strengthening the nation’s institutions.


Not only do they pride themselves on their ability to produce excellent results, but they are also passionate about Philanthropy. Since its inception, the company has made it a mandate to host a quinquennial golf tournament. The tournament commemorates the company’s milestone anniversaries. The Caymanas Golf & Country Club Course in St Catherine hosted the most recent tournament last year on November 27th. The tournament served a dual purpose as it celebrated the company’s 20th anniversary and raised money for charity.

Invited golfers from the Sterling clientele and the wider golfing community attended this beautiful exclusive event. The organisers had to resort to ‘ by invitation only due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and existing protocol and safety measures. Despite having no entry fee, Sterling Asset Management raised funds by selling “mulligans”.

According to Toni-Ann Neita-Elliott, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, “Mulligans are best described as a ‘do-over’ for any of the golfers’ shots that had gone awry.” At the end of the tournament, they tallied mulligan tickets sales and Sterling matched the amount. Maxfield Park Children’s Home and Calabar High School received equal cuts of the proceeds.

From left Charles Ross, Sterling Asset Management President & CEO and Maxwell Coldspring, Operations Manager of Maxfield Park Children’s Home

Handover Ceremony

On February 3rd, 2022 the company handed over checks at a ceremony at the investment company’s headquarters in New Kingston. President and CEO Charles Ross presented the cheques. Mr Ross expressed happiness that the company raised and matched the amount to benefit both institutions. He charged them to use the donations to “continue the good work”.

When asked about the selection of the charities, Good News Jamaica learned that both institutions were “dear to the company’s heart”. CEO Charles Ross is a “Calabar Old Boy”, and the firm has a long-standing relationship with Maxfield Park Children’s Home. Over the years, they have prioritised providing cash, in-kind donations, and numerous scholarships and sponsorship towards the Home. They were also happy to report that the company’s current Operations Manager is a former ward who benefitted from one of those scholarships.

Maxwell Coldspring, Operations Manager of Maxfield Park Children’s Home and David Miller, President of Calabar Old Boys’ Association, were beyond grateful for the timely donations and have vowed to use them for the betterment of both institutions.  

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