Nine More Private Doctors Signed to Public-Private Partnership

Nine More Private Doctors Signed to Public-Private Partnership


Today, the Ministry of Health & Wellness signed on nine additional private doctors to its Public-Private Partnership. The partnership is for the Non-Communicable Diseases (PPP4NCDs) Programme.

The programme, piloted in November 2020, has been expanded to minimize the exposure of patients with chronic illnesses to COVID-19 at public health facilities. Furthermore, the partnership will also provide efficient maintenance of routine clinical management of non-COVID-19 patients with diabetes and hypertension.

“The expansion of the pool of private doctors through the public-private partnership signals the intention of the Ministry of Health and Wellness to increase access to healthcare service and provide adequate resources by which patients can seek comprehensive treatment and care for their diabetes and hypertension. [The partnership can happen] despite the challenges faced by the health sector due to COVID-19″, noted Minister of Health & Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton, while speaking at the signing ceremony on Tuesday.

The Minister also added that public-private partnerships (PPPs) initiatives work globally to make primary healthcare services more effective and efficient.

“PPPs are rapidly expanding and becoming an integral part of effective health interventions. They have been tested as a means of ensuring the provision of comprehensive primary healthcare service is efficient, effective, and fair. As we expand the programme today, to achieve these outcomes, we are sending a strong signal that the business of public health must continue despite COVID-19”, Dr Tufton said.

Where to Find the Public-Private Partnership

Thirteen (13) private doctors across five parishes covering the four health regions are currently a part of the programme. Consequently, patients who qualify can contact or visit participating health centres to participate in this initiative.

Patients can visit the Olympic Gardens Health Centre, Hagley Park Health Centre, Nanny Ville Health Centre. They may also visit Slipe Pen Road Comprehensive Health Centre, Rollington Town Health Centre, and Denham Town Health Centre. The list continues with Waterford Health Centre, Cristian Pen Health Centre, Sydenham Health Centre and the St. Jago Park Health Centre.

The programme will play a vital role in the MOH’s target of delivering world-class health care to the Jamaican public. In the North-East Region, patients can visit the Browns Town Health Centre, Run Away Bay Health Centre and the St. Ann’s Bay Health Centre. In contrast, patients can utilize the White House Health Centre in the Western Region. In the Southern Region, patients can patronize the May Pen Health Centre. The public-private partnership will provide patients who qualify with shorter waiting times to receive healthcare. It will also give free access to private doctors and select services, and personal care close to home.

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