Carey Robinson: Media Veteran has Died

Carey Robinson: Media Veteran has Died

Carey Robinson

Just three years shy of a century, Carey Robinson, the journalist, novelist, and historian best known as the voice of the Hill an’ Gully Ride television show has died. He was a household name for many Jamaicans and was best known as the producer and narrator of the community show Hill an’ Gully Ride. Mr Robinson died peacefully in his sleep at his home in St. Andrew on January 27 after being sick for a while.

Hill an’ Gully Ride dug into Jamaican history while telling intriguing stories of individuals, their lives and work, and how they interacted in different communities around Jamaica. The television programme has been airing for more than 20 years. Every Sunday, many Jamaicans would ensure that all their chores were completed to give the programme their undivided attention. His work will undoubtedly continue to shape our nation’s history and transform the lives of future generations.

Carey Robinson

Grange praises dedicated Carey Robinson

The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, has described the late Carey Robinson as a man who was “dedicated to the very end.”

Minister Grange said: “Dedicated to the very end, he only stopped producing Hill an’ Gully Ride at the advent of the COVID pandemic. Even though he lost his sight, he was still scripting and narrating the programme, which shines a light on the folk in villages across Jamaica. It was a marvel to watch him — a man who lost his sight — produce a television programme. Hill an’ Gully Ride was only part of his enormous legacy.

He was an ace producer who left his mark on film and documentary making in Jamaica. His films, ‘Flashpoint 38’, about the labour riots of 1938; and ‘Time of Fury’, about the Morant Bay Rebellion are both still required viewing.”

Minister Grange also recalled Mr Robinson’s role in establishing the television section of the Jamaica Information Service and his service as General Manager of the former Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation.

“In his long life, Carey Robinson captured and presented the story of Jamaica from our perspective. His effort to preserve, through film and television, the heritage of our people was immense; and he leaves an important body of work.”

Minister Grange expressed condolences to Mr Robinson’s family and his former colleagues at the CPTC.

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