Trip To Portland And The Beautiful Frenchman’s Cove

Trip To Portland And The Beautiful Frenchman’s Cove

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Located on Jamaica’s Northeast Coast, the parish of Portland epitomizes retro Jamaica. Portland is filled with lush greenery, beaches, and rivers that enhance its ambience and beauty. It is no wonder that it is a renowned destination.

Though the trip from Kingston to Portland took approximately two and a half hours, it was worth every minute of the journey. I opted to take the route through the “Junction Road” (one of the most winding roads on the island), as opposed to traversing via St Thomas (South Coast). The scenery was like no other. Along the way, we passed communities with welcoming and smiling faces, mountainous sites and we drove along the coast. We also stopped on in St. Mary to snap a few photos.

St. Mary
The coast in St. Mary

There are so many incredible attractions to choose from. One can enjoy Somerset Falls, Boston Bay, Reach Falls, Winifred Beach, and Frenchman’s Cove, to name a few. However, the trip was planned for the lush tropical forest and breathtaking waters, (where the river meets the sea), of Frenchman’s Cove. 

Frenchman's Cove
A view of Frenchman’s Cove

The history of this Gem is an old folktale. The tale explains the British and French involved in a canon fire and swashbucklers battle. The British won while and the  French and wounded soldiers sought refuge in the cove, hence the name Frenchman’s cove. Today Frenchman’s cove is a loved destination for tourists and locals looking to bask in its ambience while enjoying great food and the vibe of the beach and river junction. 

New People, New Fun at Frenchman’s Cove

Frenchman's Cove
Football Settings at Frenchman’s Cove

While there, I came across a Rastaman by the name of Captain Brown playing football on the beach. My inner child, deep down, urged me to join in a game of keep up, and I just had to indulge. While playing, we had a ‘likkle reason’ and a cool vibe. Captain Brown made it look like I wasn’t trying. Despite being in his 40’s, he is highly skilled and takes on anyone.

The rain threatened to dampen the fun a few times. But as soon as it set, the sunshine exuded its dominance allowing patrons on the beach to enjoy their visit fully. The trip to Portland was fun-filled and one that I always happily anticipate. If you seek an ideal attraction on the island with a river and a beach, be sure to check out Frenchman’s Cove in Portland.

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