An Abundance of Support At Boys’ Town; More Needed

An Abundance of Support At Boys’ Town; More Needed


The Boys’ Town Family, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) – Kingston Western (Community Safety and Security Department), and Key Partners opened their community for 3 days during Christmas. The days represented Christmas Cheers and support for the Trench Town Community and started on Saturday, December 18 and ended in the afternoon on Monday, December 20, 2021.

Treats, giveaways, sports, support and mentorship programs focused on building confidence in each community member. On the 18th, Pinnacle Insurance Brokers put on their annual treat with games, toys and refreshments. The children of the community had a great time which geared their hearts for the festive season.

On the 19th the good people of the Rotary Club of St. Andrew treated 50 elderly and needy community members with care packages and a meal. The 19th’s joy from reaching out to the needy in the community merged with the Boys’ Town Vocational Centre where a Family Fun Day took place. Can-Cara Development Limited and “Fox” Gibson put on a day of fun with sports (cricket, football, table tennis, skateboarding and races), prizes, treats and refreshments. The effort focused on showing each child that they are worth the effort.

On the 20th, the CB Facey Foundation partnered with Food for the Poort to bring more joy to the community. Boys Town Primary and Infant School Sylvia Banks-Claire exclaimed that the support filled the area with hope. The organizations provided care packages with groceries and other essential items. With this intention, countless families within the Trench Town community celebrated the end of the year. 

With a heart full of gratitude, Mr Ricardo McGeachy expressed thanks for the abundance of support for the community.

Mr McGeachy listed the impact of the efforts

Impact of the Pandemic vs. Outpouring Support and love

Boys’ Town Students in Christmas Spirit.

The current pandemic has altered the norm worldwide. “We have been back ‘face to face’ [school] since November 22nd. For most of our students this is starting over because many were unable to take part in online schooling due to them not having devices or internet connection at home to indulge in online classes”, stated Miss Banks-Claire.

189 students have registered for school; however, owing to a variety of circumstances, less than half of those enrolled have been able to attend. The inability to get school clothes and books, as well as a rise in violence in the neighbourhood, name only two of the reasons for high absenteeism.

Students don’t have to wear uniforms at this time; nonetheless, some parents refuse to send their children to school looking or feeling aesthetically any ‘less than’ their classmates. Some parents cannot afford to dress their children in acceptable school clothing, consequently, they choose to keep their children home.

Mr Ricardo McGeachy wanted the world to know about the impact of the efforts in the community.

Ricardo McGeachy’s explanation of the efforts for the community

With all the uncertainty surrounding the students of Boys Town Primary and Infant School and their families during the holiday season, the gift of giving by companies such as the JCF, Can-Cara Development Limited, the CB Facey Foundation, Pinnacle Insurance Brokers, the Rotary Club of St. Andrew, and Food for the poor; hope was restored for the season.

The radiant smiles of each family after experiencing each treat depicted the importance of the great gestures.

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