Bluefields Community Best Kept Street Competition Launched

Bluefields Community Best Kept Street Competition Launched

Bluefields Community

The citizens of Bluefields Community in Westmoreland kicked off the start of their Best Kept Street Competition in the Belmont, Cherry Hill community.

Keith Wedderburn, CEO of Bluefields Organic Farm and chairman and conceptualizer of the competitive pilot project, oversaw the debut. The inclusion of those in attendance at the competition’s introduction exemplifies the pilot project’s guiding principles. The Bluefields Police Division, the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA), the Department of Environmental Health, the Parish Council Municipal Corporation, and the Bluefields People’s Community Association all made official representations and presentations.

Linda Cheddister of the Luna Seas Hotel is among the project sponsors that attended the launch. Diana McIntyre Pike, Founder and President of the Countrystyle Community Tourism Network (CCTN) Villages as Businesses, was the guest speaker. During her address Ms McIntyre mentioned that her plan is to position this project as a role model for other communities in Jamaica and the Caribbean region.

Keith Wedderburn, Best kept Stree Competition pilot project’s Chairman and Conceptualize

Bluefields Residents Show Commitment

Ms Veda Tate, a Bluefields resident and environmentalist, has completely embraced the project’s concept. This effort complements another comparable endeavour in which she and numerous community members have been involved for some time. Ms Tate is a resident of Bluefields’ Upstreet neighbourhood. As an activist and environmentalist, she is encouraging community members to use good waste management methods.

Veda Tate, Bluefields resident and Community Environmentalist, endorses the project.

Ryan Jones, a Blue Hole Street resident, anticipates a lovely outcome of the competition. He is quite excited about this effort because he has lived in the neighbourhood his entire life. Mr Jones feels the competition will inspire locals to maintain the area. Consequently, he declared his desire to earn the top financial award. He also hopes that the trucks will return regularly to clean up the trash on the local streets.

Ryan Jones, a resident from Blue Hole Street, Bluefields, is looking for good things to happen.

The tournament will run from November 2021 through April 2022. The Chairman, on the other hand, believes that community members would continue the efforts via individual and communal buy-in, motivated by personal and civic pride.

A Community of Partners in Bluefields

The Parish Council Municipal Corporation of Westmoreland provides lobbying and other support. Similarly, Mr Michael Jackson, the Councillor candidate, stressed the need of hearing from the community. He understands the need of community participation likewise buy-in when it comes to executing and succeeding with beautification programs and environmental sustainability.

Mr Michael Jackson, aspiring Councillor of the Whitehouse Division, is lobbying for support.

The pilot project’s objective is to encourage neighborhood residents to clean, beautify, and preserve their streets and front yards. This idea is that when these things happen, community pride will increase. Correspondingly, changes in the behavior of residents and people who use the route connecting Belmont and Cherry Hill reprsent the project’s effectiveness. Behavioral changes manifests as appropriate waste management and community integration start flowing.

Equally important was the compost demonstration carried out by Mr Barrington Taylor from NEPA. Composting will play a significant role in managing waste and, through its by-product, will also support natural fertilizer for the farmers and household gardening.

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