Making Fruit The Route To Everything

Making Fruit The Route To Everything


Fruit Blossoms is a new business in the Pon Di Rock plaza, located at shop number 11. 2 Congreve Park Hellshire Main Road in Portmore, St. Catherine. Every Jamaican should become a patron. You might be curious as to why. Not only is this store new, fresh, and hip, but the premise behind its creation is incredible.

Fruit Blossoms represents Jamaicans’ need to eat more fruits. The more we consume the food type, the better our immune systems fight off infections. Our bodies will also express gratitude by becoming more robust, lasting longer, and more efficient.

Fruit In The Beginning

But, there is more. The owner’s heart, Kadeen Harvey, is filled with compassion for the Jamaican experience. Her desire has led to creating a business that makes fruit sexy. When we met Kadeen Harvey, she was in a business boot camp, trying to figure out how to get her products sold. At that time, she was pitching, Fruit Blossoms as a bouquet arrangement of locally grown fruit. The concept revealed itself to her while travelling, and she realized the need in Jamaica.

Below she explains how this concept is inborn.

Kadeen explained why we must love what we already have in Jamaica
Kadeen Harvey, CEO of Fruit Blossoms

Kadeen’s big heart is helping people with non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Consequently, the diet is one sure way to get your body back into balance. Kadeen explains the reasoning behind expanding her offering to change the focus and purpose of her company.

Fruits are the route to everything.

Are you making sure you get enough fruit into your system? Why not head over to Fruit Blossoms and try their many options? They offer many tasty Jamaican, Natural fruit options. Their excellent staff is waiting to make something that will make your body smile. There is something for everyone. Your body will thank you for it.

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