Radiant Sunset at Bob Marley Beach

Radiant Sunset at Bob Marley Beach

Bob Marley

Located just 10 minutes away from Norman Manley International Airport, Bob Marley beach is a staple in the small community of 9 miles from Bull Bay. The beach is known for its black gravel sand and cultural ambience. No wonder it is an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of Kingston. 

This hidden treasure dons the name of Jamaica’s Reggae Icon (who should be a national hero), Bob Marley. Without knowing the exact location, you could easily miss the turn-off on the way to the beach. A landmark to look for is the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Directly across from the church, you will see a sign “Welcome to Bob Marley Beach”. That is the indication that you are indeed on the right track. Don’t become discouraged to continue to the beach due to the narrow dirt road that leads you through a community. Not to worry, the people in the community welcome all guests to their diamond in the rough. Give a smile, and don’t be afraid to wave hi. Don’t act surprised when you receive a wave and a smile in return.

Bob Marley
A fisherman’s tranquillity.

Bob Marley Beach Legend

I have always heard of the sunset at Bob Marley Beach. With this in mind, nothing would stop me from catching this incredible view before heading back to Kingston. It was now 5:08 pm, which indicated that I was indeed on time to experience this magnificent view. As expected, there were patrons all across the beach. They enjoyed the water, sites, and music that echoed from the speakers blazing at the cookshop by the beach. I smelled the frying fish, and I had to sample it. However, the pressing matter captured nature’s fantastic view of the sunset.

As I sat by the restaurant where the music came from, I saw a Rastaman walking by. Stopping momentarily he said, “Haile bless”. “Greetings”, I responded, saluting to show respect. He kindly returned the gesture.

The History

I sensed a perfect opportunity to learn more about this treasure, so I asked, “What is the history behind the Beach being named Bob Marley Beach?” With a light smile, he responded, “You want to know say this is one of Bob Marley’s old stomping grounds.” His statement provided enlightenment, and I had no clue that Bob had frequented this location. He went on to say, “There is also a huge Rastafari community here, so it was ideal for this here to be named after one of I and I greats”. he beamed with pride after each word and I absolutely enjoyed the information he shared.

This beach is one of my most recommended beaches on the Island. Its black gravel sand presents its authenticity. Mixed with the ambience provided by patrons and those that occupy the beach as their business place is one not to miss. Next time you are in Bull Bay, be sure to check out Bob Marley Beach. Come and experience its beauty along with the beautiful people of this community located in 9 mile Bull Bay. 

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