WATA goes big for the Reggae Boyz

WATA goes big for the Reggae Boyz

Reggae Boyz

WATA surprised spectators at the Jamaica vs the USA football match. The company created many chances to win prizes on November 16th. This effort is one of the ways WATA will inject support of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF). The support will directly impact the Reggae Boyz.

Following an extended closure of the National Stadium due to restrictions imposed to curtail the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand engaged football-loving Jamaicans. It rallied the support, with this in mind, for the sport through the digital space. After months away, fans joined the Boyz at the Office. WATA, the official hydration sponsor, ensured the spectators and players hydrated themselves before and after the game. Recognizing the importance of fan support of the sport, enthusiastically, WATA encouraged islanders to unite around the national team. The brand launched a #WATAreggaewave dance, choreographed by dancing sensation Happy Feet ahead of the match.

Wisynco’s Senior Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Tamara Ward, explained that as a local brand, WATA is embedded in the culture of Jamaica. Correspondingly, she also explained that dance is one of the expressions in the DNA of our people.

The dance infuses dancehall moves arranged for any dancehall rhythm by all ages. Jamaica’s take on the “Mexican Wave” gained more popularity within social media spaces. Ward pointed out that, “We wanted a dance that was simple enough that anyone could do it, yet spunky enough to be relevant.”

President of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), Michael Ricketts, asserted that “WATA has always been very supportive of our [JFF] programmes and is a sponsor that has been around for such a long time.”

Support For Reggae Boyz and Then Some

WATA added cash sponsorship of $5 million to its $43 million five-year contract. The additional sum is for supporting the team on their World Cup journey to Qatar. Ward explains that WATA’s commitment to sports is long-term. The support demonstrates their belief in the skills and talents of local athletes and brand Jamaica.

Recently the Reggae Boyz, who hold the sixth position in the CONCACAF World Cup standings, has been battling for much-needed wins. The Boyz revelled in spectator support as they fought their way to a 1-1 draw. Over 4,000 spectators came out and brought life back to the Stadium. The team at WATA were excited to see Jamaicans back in the stands.

As the brand gears up for the staging of School Boy Football, Ward is confident that as more Jamaicans get vaccinated, the energy shown for the national team will filter to the junior competition as well. She opines, “Let us do our part and get vaccinated so that we can support our footballers in the stands as our presence makes a difference in the outcome of the match.”

Ward is compelling Jamaicans to visit the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages @officialwata. There is information on #WATAreggaewave. The move can become a national show of unity and support at all football games.

“Learn the dance and share it on your social media pages so that everyone can catch the Reggae Wave and support the Boyz wherever they play.”

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