The Bridgeview Foundation – “Bringing Meaningful Change”

The Bridgeview Foundation – “Bringing Meaningful Change”

An accented wall at the Bridgeview Foundation’s homework Centre.

Nestled in the hills of St Andrew, Maryland Bridgeview Foundation is an exemplary Gem for communities across the world. Bridgeview Foundation Inc exists on the principles of providing opportunities for children in and around the community of Maryland.

The founder, Mr George Dickens, is a Carpenter by trade and a teacher of this very trade for many years. “I have taught over 50 individuals the trade of Carpentry that has helped them become independent and able to sustain themselves and their families.”, he says, beaming with pride. In like manner, He continues to be a lifelong advocate and staple in the community. With this intention, Mr Dickens produced many back-to-school treats. The treats provide the children of Maryland with school supplies. Consequently, students receive items such as book vouchers, money toward their school fees, and tablets, to name a few. To emphasize, here is a testimonial from a recipient of one of the tablets:

Bridgeview Foundation
A photo of Mr Dickens to demonstrate the many trophies presented to him and his sporting team over the years.

The Bridgeview Foundation

The foundation provides internet connections for students within the community to attend online classes. Subsequently, his philanthropic efforts have also inspired others to extend their expertise in helping the community’s youths excel. Children come to the homework centre to get assistance with their studies. A fantastic team of educators devoted to enhancing each child’s upliftment are ready to assist each child.

The foundation’s motto” Bringing Meaningful Change” is exemplified in its everyday functions. In 2021 the foundation formed a board of 6 to help with the daily functionality of the foundation. With Mr Dickens at the helm and his board members’ hard work and dedication, Bridgeview Foundation fulfils its purpose of ensuring that the children of Maryland experiences chances to excel in today’s world to bring forth a brighter tomorrow.

The children are the future, and this non-profit foundation is determined to cultivate the best versions of each child. With your partnership, the foundation continues its work with the kindness of givers. Indeed, you each see the actual value of our children. From time to time, help them continue to mould our future stars by investing in their present.

You can contact them via Facebook or email: BridgeviewFoundation@gmail.com.


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