Feed The Homeless On The Streets of Downtown Kingston

Feed The Homeless On The Streets of Downtown Kingston


The journey to fulfilling their purpose, has members of the Resurrected Garvey Outreach Ministry at their meeting place at 9am. They meet there before making their way downtown Kingston to feed the homeless. The group packed items which included a hot meal along with juice and water. They also packed a bag of toiletries and grocery items. But overall, the best gift for each recipient was the love that came with each package.

Having a willing heart is what this ministry embodies and is exudes in every outreach. Upon arrival downtown, the team made multiple stops distributing the items to the homeless and those in need. The team, equipped with five hundred bags of goodies, was ready to make a change.

Although used loosely, the name ‘homeless’ or ‘mad people’ degrades the people those words typecast. Many of those homeless aren’t mad. Many of the homeless end up displaced due to circumstances. “It is always so easy to judge”, David, one of the volunteers, said to me while we stopped to bless two older homeless gentlemen.

“How long have you been on the streets?” I asked curious. “Mi deh pan di road fi over 15 years”, said the older man who looked to be in his 70s. 
“How do you survive on a daily basis?”
“You know say I just try to do lickle job here and there. But if I can get a job I can make something of myself. Most times I get tired of the streets”.

My Heart For The Homeless

These words showed me how important it is to take time to get to know the people labelled as homeless. Here was this older gentleman in his 70s willing to work if given the opportunity because he wants to better his situation.

It is always great to give back to the less fortunate, but along with giving back goods, there is a great need for services. Try to spend a minute or two and get to know these individuals who might just need a listening ear and a word of hope and gratitude for all that God has done. The members of the ministry continued on their journey giving back to those in need making stops at Hanover street, Church street and King street.

A lot of work can help the homeless as many long for improvement through opportunity. By the grace of God the Resurrected Garvey Ministry will continue to impact lives one outreach at a time. Follow the ministry on social media: Instagram and Facebook @ResurrectedGarveyMinistries. Contact them on 876-440-6019 or WhatsApp 876-504-7179.

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