It Takes A Special Type To Be An Author

It Takes A Special Type To Be An Author


It takes a particular type of person to write a book. I thank every author out there for taking the time and effort to do so.  

Finding your passion for writing is the first and most crucial step to becoming an author. Have you found something that you loved and noticed how seamless the process was? Well, that is the feeling authors get while writing. They often fall in love with their work which makes it an exhilarating and intriguing operation. In turn, they become eager to complete the book. 

Everyone has a story to tell; however, not everyone takes the initiative to (write down and publish) their story. Many have thought of writing a book; however, the process of writing a story that keeps your audience wanting more is a unique talent. 

Once you have found your passion for writing and telling a story, the second step is beginning to write. A lot of authors tend to struggle when it comes to starting the writing process. The struggle alludes to figuring out the type of writer that you are. There are two types of writers; Plotters and Pantsers. A Plotter carefully plans the flow of the novel, from start to finish. While a Panster will begin their book without a structure, allowing their creativity to flow freely. Are you a Plotter or Pantser?


Fine Tuning you Creation

Now it’s time to complete your book. During the process, you may encounter writer’s block. Writer’s block happens to many authors. But guess what? The block doesn’t have to be the end of your journey. You might need to take some time away from writing or possibly find another creative to bounce your ideas off of. It’s always a plus to have someone read or add quality feedback to your work. Bear in mind; quality feedback can also come in the form of criticism. Ensure that you learn from everything. 

Upon completion, it’s imparative to get the book properly edited; if your pockets afford you that option. If not, try your best to do it yourself using applications such as grammar or sentence checker. There are also online options for editing such as Grammarly.com and Wordy.com. You may also try soliciting some editing help from someone reliable i.e. an English or literature major. Again, there are online options for paid and volunteer editing gigs such as fiverr.com and onlinevolunteering.org. It’s important you vet all people who help you will your project. This is your creation and confidentiality is paramount. Getting it professionally edited at a later date when you can afford it is always an option.

Once the book is edited and formatted, you will need to have a cover created. If you cannot design the book cover on your own, do not hesitate to delegate this task to a professional. Be sure to use the specifications provided by the publishing medium you have chosen. You are now inching closer to having your book published and eager to see your work as a published author. Keep focused. The process is tedious, and also a deterrent. But don’t let that distract you. 

Helping You Become An Author

Over the years, I have assisted a few Authors to self publish on Amazon and Lulu. A few notable mentions are as follows: The poetic story of Jazz(Written by: Jazelle Thomas), Lioness Roar: Exposing the Dash ( Written by: Sosheina Whyte), Black Woman is Queen and Fxck Him and Keep it Moving (Written by: Kadian Snow), Blissful Chaotic Endearment (Written by: Jodiann Foster) and  Confidence Builder for Little Dreamers (Written by: Shari Beckford).

I have written and self-published three fictional novels: High Rollaz, Crooked Line and Traum-a; along with two children’s books: Abbas Lessons-Keeping Safe From Viruses and 4 Little Gems, Uniquely Made. All five books are available on Amazon in paperback and E-Book format. For publishing assistant services, please contact me via Instagram @authorandre.l.simpson, facebook@AndrelloydSimpson and telephone# 876-290-3798.

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