Unity is Strength

Unity is Strength


One of the essential aspects of Jamaican culture is rebellion. Jamaican’s are well known for being comfortable going against the grain. We look at a situation and decide whether it is right or wrong. Then we determine which side fits us. Once we choose and have a consensus, we practice the adage, “unity is strength”.

We can go back to the reason why the majority of Jamaicans look the way we do. Our ancestors came here enslaved and against their will. We, descendants of Africans, have a “warrior spirit inside”, says Taurus Riley. Once that spirit awakens within us, no force on earth can deter the will of the Jamaican people. We say unity. We say togetherness. You might think that we are easygoing and a “No problem man” island. But, let a problem arise that wakes up the warrior. Then look again.

That time for unity is upon us, and the community is answering with preparation, practice, and worn down patience. Which community is leading this push? Rastafari, that’s who. As much as people in the world equate Rastafarians as ganja smoking, laid back, ‘nothing bothers me’ type of people, they are nothing of the like when provoked. This truth is evident when you injure one of their own. On July 20, 2021, a spark ignited.


The Unity in Tradgey

Allegedly the police violated a Rasta empress named Nzinga King at the Four Paths police station. Nzinga’s locks got trimmed. The same locks grew from the day she was born and represented nineteen years of proud identity as a crown. Having her hair cut devastated the self-esteem of the young queen. It exacerbated a state of depression. Suicidal thoughts mounted, provoked by the fact that she was a victim of a heinous crime not too long ago. Now, her locks were gone. She was devastated.

Then, as her story became public via the internet, the drums sounded. The chants started, the libations poured, and the marches started. Jamaica reached a boiling point. The wicked act must represent the last time Rasta faces this type of indignity by anyone against their will.

On the tenth of August, the Rasta community corralled at the four paths police station to make their demands. Drums rang out, and the voice of the Rastafarians chanting and singing woke ancestors and invited them all to join in the protest. The gathering occurred because of a harmful act. But, the elders observed unity in all who came to offer their support. People came from far and wide to make sure to add their voice to the protest. The unified shout of justice for Nzinga was loud. Louder still was the call for the officer who allegedly cut the hair to state whether she did it or not.

We Nah Bow

Please watch the interview below to learn more about this protest. The sentiments run deep. They are relevant and should grab the attention of all.

Prophet Greg | Quick Reasoning | Good News Jamaica

As much as the alleged act was wicked, nobody should be subjugated like this ever again; Good News Jamaica and other media companies took note of all the different types of people who came out to support the peaceful protest. Many different races, colours, and creeds endorsed the rally. It is always a good feeling to find support when needed. It allows you to focus on the issue and get good results.

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