Olympics 101: The Jamaican Way

Olympics 101: The Jamaican Way


The Olympics has started, and Team Jamaica is in high spirits! Our athletes have been preparing, and we are anxious to see them dominate in their respective disciplines. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the world’s fastest woman, is ready to set the Olympic stage on fire again. The defending 100m and 200m champion is in good shape and looking to keep her title ‘in the bag’. New kid on the block, Briana Williams, is aiming to write her name on the champions list. Our women are ready, our men are ready, our support team is ready – “Wi born ready!”.

2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

Our athletes will be participating in various events. If you are a true Jamaican fan, there will be many occasions for you to draw closer to your televisions in support of our athletes. The best way to enjoy the Olympics is to do it the Jamaican way. Here are a few things you’ll need to truly enjoy the Games:

Olympics Starter-Pack

  • A Device – It doesn’t matter if it is a television screen, smartphone or laptop screen. You NEED to be able to see every event live and colour. If you neva seet, it neva happen. Besides, you’ll need to tell your future generation how Shelly came out the starter blocks and run lef the whola dem.
  • Company – You won’t get the full experience if you’re by yourself. You’ll need somebody to high-five and make noise with when Team Jamaica mash up the place.
  • Dutch pot covers – These are a must have! Are you really Jamaican if yuh nah make noise with the dutchie cover dem? Noise affi make when our athletes are competing and no – your voice alone won’t do. We will give you a bly if you have a vuvuzela or any other noisemaker.
  • A flag and/or your colours – You will need something to wave as you cheer; you will need to show that you are Jamaican. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to walk around looking like the Jamaican flag during this season.
  • Strong drink – You may need a tups of Wray and Nephew if your nerves are bad, to calm you down before the race. Additionally, you will need something to make a toast after our athletes claim their medals.

What are some of the ways you prepare for the Olympics? Do you have a potluck with friends? Or do you go to Half-Way-Tree to view the races on the ‘Big Screen’? We want to hear how you celebrate Team Jamaica. Come share, celebrate, boast and debate our Jamaican culture with us.

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