Navigate Volume 1 – A Major Success for WHOM!

Navigate Volume 1 – A Major Success for WHOM!


Volume 1 of “NAVIGATE … Your Journey to the Next Level” was hosted on Saturday, 26 June 2021, at 10:00 am. The over 35 attendees were treated to amazing presentations made by three keynote speakers on Changing the Narrative, the Power to Keep Moving and the Balancing Effect.

NAVIGATE, a free webinar fostered by Women Honouring Our Mission (WHOM), was conceptualised to challenge and encourage women (and men) who desire a bridge over their doubt, fear and low momentum to unleash their potential and achieve their dreams. The founder of WHOM, Mrs Kemeshia Grant-Swaby, recognised a need to provide persons
who desire personal and professional growth with powerful techniques that will ensure their success in prioritizing their families while monetizing their gifts and talents without guilt or reservation.


The lovely opening prayer done by WHOM Director, Ms Tieanna McIntosh, set the stage for the first keynote speaker and the rest of the event’s activities. The delightful Mrs SallyAnn Gray, Author, Educational Consultant and CEO of Global Speakers, encouraged attendees to ensure that their “busy” is aligned with God’s will for their lives. She emphasised that doing the right thing in the right order and at the right pace is the best way to remain effective.
She further charged participants to remain consistent and accountable. Mrs Gray’s gracious and engaging personality pulled patrons in, had them hanging on every word and yearning for more.

A beautiful and informative presentation was then made by WHOM Director, Mrs Phillipa McGregor, giving insight into WHOM, its mission, vision, team members and initiatives. WHOM Secretary, Mrs Carren Lewis-Matthews subsequently introduced Mrs Grant-Swaby, who was uniquely poised to speak on the topic “The Power to Keep Moving”. The concept of NAVIGATE was an inspiration she received from the Holy Spirit over a year ago, but a few setbacks had delayed the event. Mrs Grant-Swaby’s presentation was very interactive and a reminder to attendees that their vision may not be understood by others, but through focus, determination and continued Godly instruction, they can effectively navigate the challenging journey to their success. She used interesting analogies from nature to clearly
express how persons can begin working on their dreams, consistently push past obstacles and use their strengths to actualise their purpose.

The third keynote speaker – Kingdom Business Strategist & Lifestyle Balance Coach – Mrs Tiona Blyden, left participants in awe following her presentation on “The 4 P’s of Balance”. Mrs Blyden challenged attendees through the Word of God to be reflective and honest about their current situation. Her candidness, sincerity and relatability were refreshing; this allowed patrons to truthfully examine themselves and readily identify with the points she put forth. Mrs Blyden showed participants the importance of balancing being a light to their families and walking for the purpose that God has called them to.

NAVIGATE Volume 1 was the second major online event for WHOM and was as successful as its predecessor, “Help I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up”, a three-day summit focused on helping those who are struggling with maintaining or regaining their relationship with God. Mrs Grant-Swaby humbly expressed her gratitude to God for giving her the vision of WHOM and equipping her to accomplish all its mandates. She said, “Our obstacles or issues are sometimes the answers to someone else’s prayer,” and invited attendees to become WHOM ambassadors by joining the organisation’s initiatives. Mrs Grant-Swaby also thanked the participants and her fellow speakers for making NAVIGATE Volume 1 a tremendous success. Plans are already on the way for NAVIGATE Volume 2, and WHOM
patrons are encouraged to follow the organisation’s social media pages for updates on
future events.

About Women Honouring Our Mission (WHOM):

Women Honouring Our Mission (WHOM) is a not-for-profit organisation that was registered in Jamaica on January 14, 2021. Through divine inspiration, WHOM was founded by Kemeshia Grant-Swaby with the purpose of motivating women to become better versions of themselves. WHOM’s vision is to create a world in which all women are empowered to reach their full potential by creating lasting change in their own lives and communities. Its
mission speaks to motivating, equipping, nurturing and defending women globally through collaboration with purpose-driven women. WHOM also advocates for those across Jamaica in great need and provides them with hope through random acts of kindness via its grocery and clothing drives. For more information, you can reach out to WHOM on their social platforms.

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