What Does Happiness Mean to You?

What Does Happiness Mean to You?


Happiness, in my opinion, doesn’t have an actual definition. Yes, if were to look it up in the Oxford dictionary, it would say “deep pleasure in or contentment with one’s circumstances”. However, happiness, in my eyes, is based on an individual’s perspective. It is even something that changes over time. The thing that makes a child happy today most likely won’t matter to them in adulthood. If you were to ask twenty persons what happiness was to them, you would get twenty different answers. What you’d find common among the answers is whatever gave that person a feeling of pure bliss, joy and freedom.

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Finding Happiness in the Midst of Difficulty

The Bible, in the New World Translated version it mentions happiness over a hundred times. It is really emphasized that life is to be enjoyed and we should find joy in all the things that we do. Being happy is a vital part of the whole human experience. If you should go through life without ever experiencing happiness, have you lived?

Finding happiness in this life is sometimes difficult to achieve. This difficulty has increased in recent times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people have lost the things that make them happy, while others fear losing their happiness. Additionally, some persons have lost their jobs and livelihood, which has left them scared and scarred. COVID-19 has taken so much from us, and life has proven that you have more to lose than you think.

With limited money, people have started to be extra cautious. The simplest thought of illness comes with great anxiety; “will my loved one receive proper care or will they die?” There is now this air of constant fear and worry that has clouded the atmosphere, that the mere thought of being happy in a time like this seems impossible. However, in these times of hardship, we should aim to find joy in all things.

Joy in the Small Things

Being happy and content with the small pleasures in life requires us to slow down and take a little time enjoying them. Encouraging yourself to take pleasure in the mundane as well as the excitement can make your life richer. Few things that you can find happiness in include:

  • being mindful of the small moments
  • practicing gratitude
  • being kind to others
  • treating yourself like a loved one

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Mathew 6vs 35 ). Worrying will not change the situation, nor will it add days to your life nor the lives you stress over. It only robs you of the happiness you should be experiencing today. Be happy in this moment; be grateful for the little.


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