Are we Always Conscious of Covid Restrictions?

Are we Always Conscious of Covid Restrictions?


Lights! Camera! The world is watching. Imagine that spectacular feeling after your name has just been announced. You collect your crown, like the queen you are, and strut down the runway parading your shimmering gown, and what happens next? You are trapped by congratulatory hugging and touching you during the Covid Pandemic on live television. Sounds familiar? This was what happened after Miss Mexico Andrea Meza was crowned at the most recent staging of Miss Universe

Ms Universe, Andrea Meza being crowned just before being surrounded by fellow contestants congratulating her.

Having seen the outcome of that night, it is only fair to address the elephant in the room. If beauty queens in a rushed moment of joy can so quickly dash covid restrictions through the door for the whole world to see, what says regular people in their day to day lives? According to the famed psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, thoughts and emotions outside of our awareness can very much influence our behaviour even though we are unaware or unconscious of it. Freud then went on to say that the unconscious can indeed include reactions. Similarly, can it then be said that the contestants’ consciousness of the current pandemic restrictions had vanished momentarily? 

CROWNING MOMENT: 69th Miss Universe
CROWNING MOMENT: 69th Miss Universe

Training Your Subconscious Mind

We are all humans, and just like these beauty queens, we too can one day be hit with a case of ‘unconscious mind takeover’. Have you ever observed someone shockingly removing their mask when they hear the news that catches them off their feet? This almost reflexed action, I must admit, has affected me a few times. My observations of the Ms Universe occasion, along with other personal findings, have left me to conclude that people might not always be conscious of Covid restrictions. This issue can be solved by possibly training the unconscious mind. Listed below are some tips on how to train your subconscious mind, which will, in turn, affect your unconscious: 

  • Yoga – Believe it or not, this gentle exercise aids in releasing ‘feel good chemicals’ (formally known as endorphins) in your body, which helps reduce stress. The exercise itself can help to physically affect how the subconscious mind makes decisions by creating a great psychological environment. In essence, a healthy body equals a healthy mind. 
  • Meditation – This helps you to visualize and focus on what you want. Clear your mind and envision the mindset you aspire for. 
  • Mantras – Repeating personal mantras daily is a huge aiding factor. If good things are constantly being repeated, the mind will succumb and eventually, you will start living what you tell yourself.
  • Surround yourself with allies – Stick around people that believe in the right thing and motivates you to do so. If you are around friends that hardly practice wearing masks, you too will eventually do the same. Birds of a feather… 

Adopting COVID restrictions

Though it has been a while, we as a population have not fully adapted to Covid and its restrictions. As humans, it is natural for us to yearn for the basic physical touch, and this privilege has been stolen from us. Although mother nature might be wounded, the protocols are currently necessary for us to stay alive. Let’s not make an intensified emotional drive cause us to forget that people are dying momentarily. It’s time we realize that our mind can be used as a weapon to protect us from the snares of this pandemic if we train it well.  

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