A Modern Perspective: Jamaica National Heroes

A Modern Perspective: Jamaica National Heroes

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Many cultures use storytelling as one of the most impactful methods to entertain, inform, and promulgate cultural traditions and values. Likewise, Jamaica’s history has a rich legacy of undergoing cultivation through a mixture of traditional oral forms, such as poems, chants, rhymes, songs, and more.

We must be the ones to tell and write our story, and history.

Therefore, we are pleased about the conceptualization of the “Jamaica Heroes Modernization” project. Jamaican-born Charles “Mark Phi” Smart is the brainchild and visionary behind this project. Mark Phi is an international Philanthopric ARTivist and entrepreneur.

Modernizing Our Heroes?

The project aims to refresh us about the Jamaican Heroes‘ journey and history by portraying them in a modernized medium.  Although, it’s the same story; the project will be integrating modern, colour-filled, multidimensional experiences to tell the story about the country history.  With that in mind, the anticipated result is to create a relatable product to span generations.

The project visionary says it best.

Jamaica Heroes Modernized

The Jamaica National Heroes Modernisation project is designed with stages and completion timelines.  The allocated project budget is USD 1,000,000. The first target is to receive pledges totalling US$50,000.  This first target amount will enable the project team to create the first episode about Queen Nanny of the Maroons and one song about our heroes.

Additionally, the project plans to produce a 10-episode documentary series and nine original songs and poster boards with fine art portraits of the heroes.  The distribution scheduled for the poster boards is to provide them to schools across the island.  Noteworthy is that two episodes of the docuseries will pay tribute to Miss Lou and Bob Marley.

Team Collaboration

Executing the various stages of the project is a team of experienced and award-winning directors and producers.  Additional expert support consists of some of Jamaica’s foremost historians, academia, authors and stewards of our culture and history.

Listen to some of the endorsements in support of this project.

Ewan Simpson, CEO, Jamaica Reggae Industry Association
Sherando Ferril, Vice President, Women In Film and TV Jamaica

Everyone Should Become Involved

Everyone can participate by pledging their support. In fact, pledges are multi-level, making it possible for anyone to support this project.   Keep it in mind that ‘One One Cocoa Full Basket’ and ‘Every Mikkle Mek A Mukkle”. 

Lastly, visit their website https://jamaicanationalheroes.com/ and discover ways to pledge your support and the other exciting facet of this project. 

Equally, you can discover more and invite supporters via their social media pages of the same name.

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