Kindness: It Costs Nothing But Means Everything

Kindness: It Costs Nothing But Means Everything


Recently, on my way to PriceSmart, I experienced an encounter with a stranger that genuinely warmed my heart. My father stopped at the gas station to fill the gas tank. As I sat in the car, a lady was walking by when suddenly, my favourite face rag flew out the window due to the strong wind that blew. The rag was blown away from the car and was moving fast.

I was about to ask my father to go for it but decided against it. I was content with cutting my losses until I saw the same lady from before, running after my rag. She eventually caught up to it and retrieved it. She brought it to me with a smile on her face, and I thanked her profusely, with a smile just as bright and warm as hers.

I was, and still am, incredibly grateful for that lady. Even though I did not plan on using the rag on my face again, it was the thought that counts. She told me it was no problem and wished me a blessed day. After I sincerely reciprocated the good wishes, she walked away. I could not help but share the course of events with my father as soon as he got back in the car; the smile that etched my face never faltered. In life, something that I have learned thus far, reminded to me by the lady, and will be carried with me throughout my life is always be kind- to myself and others.

Acts of Kindness

The fact that the lady ran after the rag with no hesitation was heartwarming. This is a level of kindness that I always strive to show and strongly encourage others to show. In Jamaica, it is customary to see these acts of kindness displayed among our people. Yes, there are some exceptions to this generalisation, but this is the case most of the time. As a people, we are known to be of a generous and humble nature, and these are traits that we are to embrace in our daily lives.

However, for those who are not so kind, I strongly urge you to reflect on a time in your life when someone showed you kindness. How did you feel during that moment? Were you thankful? Do you remember how grateful you felt for the kind deed? I encourage us all to be as kind as the lady I encountered recently. Be the reason someone smiles and the reason why their day is made.

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