George Wright Must Resign – Cry The Women

George Wright Must Resign – Cry The Women


We, the women of Jamaica and beyond, who have signed this Press Release, call for the immediate resignation of George Wright, MP, from the Parliament of Jamaica.

We find unacceptable the unexplained leave of absence of Mr Wright from Parliament and the JLP. We are yet to be convinced that his leave of absence and removal from committees of Parliament has nothing to do with the recent allegations connecting Mr Wright with violence against a woman.

We hereby express our total condemnation of violence against women. Violence, in general, is terrorizing the land. Gender-based violence is singled out as our government has identified that it has particular development and economic consequences.  The Government of Jamaica has signed onto global conventions, national policies and legislation, and accepted international funds to address Gender-Based Violence against women and girls. It is unacceptable that allegations of violence are made against a government representative in such a graphic way as in a video circulated on social media. He has not denied such allegations.

We call on Mr. Wright to do what is right! Resign right now!



  1. WE-Change Jamaica, [email protected]
  2. Woman Inc, Joyce Hewett, [email protected]
  3. Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre (WROC); [email protected]
  4. Jamaica Community of Positive Women (JCW+)
  5. Girls Who Know Jamaica, [email protected]
  6. No Nine Day Wonder #N9DW
  7. Women Entrepreneurs Network of the Caribbean (WENC), Ethnie Miller Simpson, [email protected]
  8. Women’s Health Network, [email protected],
  9. North East Manchester Skilled Women


  1. Professor Opal Palmer Adisa, University Director, Institute of Gender and Development Studies – Regional Coordinating Office (IGDS-RGO), [email protected]
  2. Dr Anna Kasafi Perkins, Co-Convenor, Caribbean Women Theologians for Transformation
  3. Nadeen Spence
  4. Michelle Golding Hylton, Member WMW Jamaica
  5. Aloun Ndombet Assamba, WMW Life Member
  6. Helen Atkins, WMW intern / IGDS student, UK
  7. Emma Lewis; blogger, writer
  8. Joan Grant Cummings. Gender and Development specialist and activist
  9. Joan French, Women’s Rights Activist, Coordinator of the Partnership for Women’s Health and Wellness.
  10. Lana Finikin, Convenor Groots Jamaica Co-Chair Latin America & Caribbean CoNgo Committee
  11. Indi Mclymont-Lafayette, Managing Director, Change Communications limited
  12. Shirley A. Campbell, Development Specialist/Project Management
  13. Phyllis A. Green, Women’s Rights Advocate
  14. Rev. Nicola Ashwood
  15. Andrea Jacque Bennett
  16. Diedre Chang
  17. Jenny Jones, Sociologist
  18. Sidonie Morrison-Donald DePass, Retired Matron, Spanish Town Hospital
  19. Linnette Vassell, The Advocates Network
  20. Patricia Donald Phillips, The Advocates Network; WMW, Founding member. [email protected],

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