You Are The Hero That We Need

You Are The Hero That We Need

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The Webster dictionary definition for a hero includes, “a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability;  an illustrious warrior; a person admired for achievements and noble qualities; one who shows great courage.” How do you define your hero?

Children become excited about their favourite superhero character/s. Admittedly some adults still look forward to the next Marvel or DC movie or series. In contrast, heroic figures in real life are represented in the various roles that they serve us. Namely, real-life heroes can be family members, friends, high school or college mentors, coaches, and the list goes on. Who has been your biggest hero?

In 2015 the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggested that heroes possess 12 traits. These are Bravery, Conviction, Courage, Determination, Helpful, Honest, Inspirational, Moral Integrity, Protective, Self-sacrifice, Selflessness and Strength. Can you identify the traits of your hero?

Mrs Patricia Eves-McKenzie

You Have The Power

Good heroes are inspirational and engender transformation in individual lives and entire communities. Moreover, as lives and communities are transformed, new heroes ultimately emerge and continue this movement in significant and positive ways. Who inspired your transformation?

We recently did an article on Mrs Patricia Eves-McKenzie, a lady who touched so many hearts. Since her death, we have gotten many messages about her heroic ways. Her life encompassed taking care of the people with whom she interacted.

In conclusion, a simple look around us and anyone can readily identify one person that we can positively affect in a small way and change their lives forever.  Consequently, you have the power to create meaningful relationships intentionally.  Moreover, you have the power to inspire hope. Lastly, you have the power to extend your strength and courage to help someone discover their own. You do have the power to be the hero that our society needs.


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