Shawnafi Dynesen: A Natural Powerhouse

Shawnafi Dynesen: A Natural Powerhouse


Shawnafi Dynesen is from Bath St. Thomas. That is the first thing the young mother of three wants you to know. Secondly, she is a proud maroon representative who is not afraid to speak her mind. She has worked hard all her life and knows what it feels like to be powerless. This feeling is something that she fights to make sure other women don’t have to feel.

Shawnafi has created a health and wellness empire out of old-time knowledge. Her products remedy many everyday ailments, such as hyperpigmentation, menopause symptoms, balding, insomnia, and many more. Although she is not allowed to call what she has medicine, we can say they are nature’s gifts to complex problems. Through her dedication to ancestral knowledge of natural healing, this entrepreneur becomes a force.

Shawnafi after using her Onion oil treatment for Alopecia Areata (balding)

Good News Jamaica had the chance to sit down with this wonderful lady recently in our latest Mobile reasoning episode. It was an absolute pleasure to pick the brain of this Jamaican activist. She is much more than an entrepreneur, as she lives life to make lives better. Shawnafi’s newest company is Zyzven Naturals. As is described on the website, the company is “is using maroon herbs to create a skin and hair care revolution.” What we learnt is that Shawnafi is much more than her products. Onlookers find her real purpose in what she does, not what she sells.

The Shawnafi effect

Open your life to this lady, and your life will change for the better. Her goal is to embrace all that is positive and represent all that heals. Thanks to her dedication to maroon knowledge, Shawnafi has changed lives in many ways through her products and services.

Watch the video below to understand who this lovely lady is. Be inspired by her and notice the possibilities that lie ahead once you invite her into your life.

Shawnafi Dynesen | Mobile Reasoning | Good News Jamaica

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  1. Shawnafi is an inspiration to many, both men and women. She makes us realize that success is possible with a great idea and hard work. Big up Shawnafi.

  2. I enjoyed the interview with Shawnafi.
    Love her business and vibes too.
    No limits no boundaries, Blessings!

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