A Healthy Life is a Wealthy Life

A Healthy Life is a Wealthy Life


The past year has been a stark reminder of the importance of leading healthy lives.

The global focus has been unprecedented in responding to the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic on so many levels. I can think of so many lessons that I have learned in this time on a personal and professional level. Today, I’m reflecting on how much healthier I am in terms of the importance I now place on self-care and how grateful I am to be alive and well. I’m so much more appreciative of the smaller and simpler things in life. These are, in fact, the big things, and I’ve realised. When all is said and done, my health is my wealth. Being healthy is a foundation on which I build my destiny.

We have all seen the health promotion campaigns to stay well and care for ourselves and the most vulnerable in society. Now is a time to step up our healthy life choices, including our diet, our activity levels and supplement with natural herbs and nutrients as needed. The surreal time we are in, of staying in, isolating and social distancing when out and about, could be a massive opportunity for us to embed a healthier lifestyle. Think about it, have you ever been more aware of your hygiene needs than you are now? I suspect not. I certainly won’t stop cleaning and being especially mindful of my hand hygiene, even after the declaration of the end of the pandemic. Who knows when that would be anyway? There is now a 3rd wave in Europe, and there are variants in several regions. We will have to learn to live with COVID, many say, for a few years. Some others go as far as to say we will have to live with it forever to some extent. We will have to wait and see. Still, we live by faith and know that nothing could last forever, so stay positive and strong.

Make Healthy Choices

With this in mind, a word to the wise is that your health is your wealth. What good would all the money in the world be if you are not around to enjoy it? Protect your mental energy and stay informed without obsessing about it. Mental health is as important as physical health so seek help if you need it. When we don’t feel mentally well, mental health disclosure or speaking up is encouraged, supported, and facilitated.

Another way to stay healthy is to ensure we get enough rest. Anxiety levels will vary depending on your circumstances; however, it is worth remembering that sleep is rejuvenating and healing to our bodies. Rest, relaxation and recovery are essential in these times. In promoting healthy sleeping habits, specialists recommend that we set bedtime and unwind by reducing our screen time. A short nap in the daytime, if you’re lucky enough, also helps your body repair. Don’t sleep too long in the day as it could easily upset your night-time routine. With a magnified focus on health, I’ve managed to reduce my medication. I have also switched to more natural remedies for a chronic condition. Consequently, I feel so much healthier as a result. It may not be possible for everyone to do this. However, I would love to hear what you are doing, or have done recently, to remain healthy in these times. Please drop a comment below and share your tips to help others who may need them. Please share this article with family and friends to encourage them to remember that their health is their wealth.

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