A Riveting Discussion of Our Powerful Culture

A Riveting Discussion of Our Powerful Culture


The Jamaican culture can be so many things. Why is that? Because we are what we do. One of the best things about this special rock the way we relate. We love to talk about ourselves. We love to share our opinions on all things Jamaican. This is why I enjoyed the discussion I recently had with Abishai Hoilett.

Abishai is the CEO of Bebble Rock Music. That is not the reason we sought him out. I wanted to sit with Mr Hoilett because he is a member of the youth in our culture who “live-i-cate” their lives to representing it positively. Yes, live-i-cated. Abishai is a Rastaman; nothing dead to describe him. Not even if you want to talk “live-i-cated”, he is to our culture. His Rastafarian persona, which he grew up in, permeates his personality. He knows that unity and self-reliance are principles that have to be respected and paid forward.

Abishai wears many hats and does it seamlessly. With this in mind, we knew it would be good to sit with him to have an open conversation about his many roles. We are happy we took that decision because the discussion was great and we now know that sitting with a person like Abishai is a “more than one-time” thing. Luckily, he thought the same of us, so we look forward to the next discussion and the many which will follow.

Sit back and relax into this reasoning. It’s long, but I think you will enjoy the contents. If you are a music lover, the discussion is going to teach you a thing or two. If you are a Jamaican culture lover, this is definitely for you.

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