Dwayne Extol, Constant Supplier of Empowering Words

Dwayne Extol, Constant Supplier of Empowering Words


Who is the person in your life who you can rely on to raise you when you are down? This is the person who stands tall in your mind when you need a powerful injection of love and reality. If you don’t have a person in mind, I have a person for you. He has empowered so many people throughout his life. He is exactly who you need. His name is Dwayne Extol.

Dwayne was born in Manchester, Jamaica, to strong parents who cared for him dearly. His relationship with this father was one that Dwayne holds tightly up to today. Unfortunately, the relationship’s physical aspect was cut short when his dad died when Dwayne was only nine. That death changed Dwayne in many ways. One such way was him introducing himself to the wrong company and wrong choices. Those choices came so close to home one day that he decided that was not the life he wanted.

Dwayne Extol – photo by Norb Photography

A trouble maker throughout school, Dwayne eventually settled down to become a powerful and encouraging young man. He now spends his time working with boys to make sure that he is impacting their lives positively. He is also a television personality who strives for the best possible results from his work.

Dwayne and Tiffany after the interview

Below is a video of a reasoning session I had with Dwayne. I wanted to get to know him on a different level. I already knew him as a track star and a television stalwart, but there is so much more to this young man. Please sit back and relax as we get to know the things about Dwayne that make him smile.

Mobile Reasoning | Dwayne Extol | Good News Jamaica

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