Dominic Darby the Exceptional Coder

Dominic Darby the Exceptional Coder


Parenting, unfortunately, does not come with a manual. No matter where you look, you will not find a book that explains how to parent. We all have to learn by our choices and see how they manifest in our children. Shelliann Darby is Dominic Darby’s mother, and the duo represents a wonderful parent to child, child to parent relationship. Dominic is a Jamaican coder who has taken the world by storm.

Shelliann was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Portmore, St. Catherine. She is a mother who knows her child in and out. She explains how she feels about her son in simple terms. “To see, Dominic is to see my heart, as you can imagine. He is the best part of me. I love him immensely, and the greatest joy is to see his joy.” A busy Product and Portfolio Officer at one of Jamaica’s commercial banks, Shellian has her hands full. With this intention, she can bend Dominic’s life experiences to make sure that he grows with every choice he makes. One of these choices was to enter the XPrize Connect Code Game Challenge.

Dominic’s XPRIZE

XPRIZE Connect Code Games: A Global Game-Making Challenge in partnership with E-Line Media and supported by Endless Network, is the world’s first international youth game design challenge, encouraging young people to dream up a game and code it into reality.”

Taken from the XPRIZE website

Gratefully, we were allowed to sit with Shelliann and her son Dominic recently. We wanted to know the full story, not just about him winning but all that lead to his prize. Subsequently, we’re glad we were able to. Dominic is a remarkable young man and has represented his parents and Jamaica well. Shelliann is a “Super Mom”, as described by Dominic, and you can tell just how much she puts into her son.

Watch the Mobile Reasoning below to find out more about the lives of these two wonderful people.

Mobile Reasoning | Shelliann and Dominic Darby | Good News Jamaica

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