Dr Damian Ffriend: An Extraordinary Serviceman

Dr Damian Ffriend: An Extraordinary Serviceman


Charisma is a trait that opens many doors. With charm, entire situations, that seemed impossible, can change in your favour. Mastering the skill of charismatic interaction should be on everyone’s to-do list. If there is any chance that you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to look for the serviceman, Dr Damian Ffriend. He has the skill trademarked and packaged in a secure collection of Christian principles. Having him in your corner, half the battle is already won.

Dr Ffriend is who we sat with recently to find out more about what makes him tick. A consummate encourager and leader, Dr Ffriend is the go-to personality when there is a need to feel good.

We had a powerful reasoning session with this “country yute”, born in Kingston, but who cut his teeth in rural Jamaica. The people around him heavily influence Captain Ffriend. Through his scholar and experience, he breaks complex concepts down into everyday language that anyone can feel comfortable with.

Hear from the Serviceman himself

Take some time and watch the reasoning we had with this power-filled serviceman of God. Being raised with morals, while not having the financial resources, is a typical story with Jamaicans. With Bishop Ffriend, you will be happy that you took the time to hear from him and find out what is his foundation.

Mobile Reasoning | Bishop Dr Damian Ffriend Part 1 | Good News Jamaica

Wearing many hats is the norm for Dr, Bishop, Captain, Justice Damian Ffriend. At any time he draws on his myriad professions/passions to create an eclectic, comfortable atmosphere for all whom he encounters.

We hope you enjoyed the reasoning and will take some time to see the serviceman in his house, when he is behind the pulpit delivering his earth-shattering, “drape you up” sermons. He can be found at New Ebenezer Tabernacle Apostolic, 10 Union Square in Crossroads, Kingston. You will never see the church in the same light again.


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