Just A Thought: The Importance of ‘WHY’

Just A Thought: The Importance of ‘WHY’


Each day, there are seemingly dozens of questions that swirl in my mind, with just about one-third of them making it past my lips and into an audible question. Why?

Perhaps it is the same reason why some kids are not quick to ask for explanations in class when they do not understand.  You see, the elders had taught my generation that children shouldn’t ask too many questions of adults.  Questioning adults may mean that as a child, you are ‘passing yuh place’. 

Asking great questions and obtaining good responses create an understanding of how we feel emotionally, physically, and mentally.   The knowledge of self-guides us through the journey of uncovering why?

What My Why Is Not

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I walked away from an executive-level finance job of over 15 years, and that decision perturbed my work colleagues and some family members. However, it began a journey of being pushed headlong into discoveries. Revealed along the voyage is that a profession and work are not my ‘why’. Family, friendships, neither church nor religion are my ‘why’.

Understanding and acceptance of my why and purpose-maintained pursuit like a forest fire.  Notwithstanding, refusing to relinquish its plan and hold on my heart.  The drive toward surrendering the hold on milestones and other entanglements to unveil ‘why’ has been like a slow drip.  Nonetheless, my pursuit is a continuous and intentional immersion of renewing a mindset that has impacted what I read, who I spend time with, the kind of conversations I engage in, the career that I choose, the way I worship, and it is evolving. 

Discovering My Why

Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash

In all this search, I’ve noticed that my ‘why’ coincides with my natural talents and abilities.   Naturally, I’m at my best whenever I create and communicate. I’m at my best, creating systems that facilitate people’s personal and professional growth and development.  And, when I’m sharing to promote and enhance individuals outlook, personal value, and impact.    

God designed and created you with everything you need to fulfil your purpose. God never requires anything of His creations that He didn’t already build into them. Therefore, you already have what you need to be who you are. 

Don’t be intimidated if you need to start over or let go of some people, places, things, culture, and norms.  The beginning of your best self is finding your purpose.

Mark Twain wrote, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

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