Just A Thought: Pause & Reset

Just A Thought: Pause & Reset

Pause and Reset

I entered 2020, wanting to pause, BE STILL and BE KEPT by my husband. (Yes I am one of those wives who thinks she can do it ALL).  I don’t usually allow anyone, including my hubby, to take care of me because “I GOT IT”, mi a Sol Jah and mi can handle any ting (that’s another story for another time)… 

All of a sudden, the world stopped on its axis. COVID-19 forced us to STOP. We pumped our brakes, even if it was for JUST a moment.  My boys said out loud “Look what it took for mom to STOP to Pause”. Well, initially overwhelm and panic kicked in. Simultaneously, my mom, who lives in Florida, was rushed to the emergency room the day after Jamaica locked its borders.  Thankfully my community of friends, my tribe, readily provided support.

The heaviness of the events in my life propelled me into Inspired Action. It was time to reach for my tools. I started walking; (More for mental health than physical health). Then, I shifted my language. I wasn’t locked at home. I became safe at home. Consequently, my BIG MAGIC pill, I started journaling again, sometimes twice per day.

This Year’s Pause for Purpose

As we enter the beginning of 2021, I invite you to PAUSE. I am sure many of us have lessons from 2020.  My biggest lesson manifested when I decided to PAUSE, BE STILL, and GIVE my husband the room to take care of me.  Before COVID, I was always moving at lightning speed on the go with so many things on my TODO list.

Please take some time to be STILL, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, meditate & Listen to YOUR inner Voice.  Our inner voice is often talking, sending messages, and presenting evidence to us, but we haven’t paused or stopped to hear the messages. In this season, I encourage you to PAUSE…  Hit the reset button & allow time for clarity and focus. 

There is a 3 step process to Pause and Reset by tapping into GOD and allowing His miracles to occur.

1)     Stop. Pause. Slow down.

2)     Ask for guidance.

3)     Release the situation.

Forrest Gump said, “life is like a box of chocolates”. Each chocolate can represent “oh no! I don’t know what’s coming next” or “Surprise, I have a gift for you”. The latter allows you to see the beautiful and amazing way guiding your journey at the moment. 

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