GOFFAH, What You Want In Life

GOFFAH, What You Want In Life


On Monday, December 14, the world was introduced to a new and right-on-time e-commerce platform. 

The company is GOFFAH (Gift of Financial Freedom and Hope), and the highly anticipated launch surpassed the expectations of the viewers.  Hundreds of viewers took part in the virtual launch and were wowed not only by the performances but also the possibilities.  Participants also got to know a bit more about the company’s founder and partners.

GOFFAH, pronounced “Guh-Fah”, states the following on their website:

GOFFAH is an eCommerce platform that pays commissions to its Members for referring and selling new and preowned products (goods and services) owned by GOFFAH, or GOFFAH’s Partners to Customers

Imagine being able to make money each time you tell someone where you bought that shirt, those pants, that toy, the new car, etc. Every time someone buys with your referral, YOU earn money.

The launch of this phenomenal platform left us inspired.  We enjoyed it all, from the introductory prayer from Gospel entertainment guru, Rondell Positive, to the perfectly matched energy from the “Fluffy Diva” Ms Kitty. What we came for was to learn how this platform will change our lives; what we got was so much more. 

GOFFAH No Regrets Just Lessons

The founder and CEO of the platform, Odetta Rockhead-Kerr, also launched her book, “No Regrets, Just Lessons”. The book, which does more than tell you about her life, focuses on giving every reader, the fuel they need to increase their quality of life.  Whereas other books end with the last word on the page, this memoir continues to impact your life for a full 12 months.  Each reader will have the ability to have personal time with Mrs Rockhead-Kerr as they build that life they have been dreaming of. 

For those who relish in virtual reality gaming, the virtual launch happened in an online metropolis. It featured an online gaming environment geared at enabling each user to earn money.  Viewers were also able to enter the photo and sponsor booths, to have a virtual reality experience.

Sponsors of the launch included, Sagicor Bank, CIBC Bank, J. Wray & Nephew, Tru-Juice, Wata, the Global Services Association of Jamaica, and Living Food & Juices. 

We could tell you about the benefits of this new platform for you and our society. It is better to leave it to the following videos, which adequately cover everything.

What The Jamaica Government Has To Say About GOFFAH
Senator Aubyn Hill endorses the platform
GOFFAH Infomercial
Infomercial about the company and the platform

Whether you are a person who has products or services to offer; you have a new home. If you are a salesperson, you have a new home. If you like to shop, you have a new home. So get to it, sign up and spread the word.

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