Just a Thought: We Love Writing, so Let Us

Just a Thought: We Love Writing, so Let Us


When I tell individuals that I would like to be an author; I often receive unwelcomed sympathy. Not only do they try to dissuade me, but they also encourage me to migrate to accomplish my dreams. It’s hard to wrap my mind around the disconnect between the writing profession and its feasibility.  

Writing is a powerful tool that has the power to connect a person’s soul and enrich many lives. Dont take lightly, the ability to put pen to paper and impact lives. Have you ever read a book written by Stephen King or maybe you’ve had the blessings of reading J.K Rowling’s world-renowned series? I have, and it was a pleasant experience. You feel the power from the recycled paper. Electricity flowed through my fingertips with every page turn. Imagine if we were able to unearth talent like that, in our own country. With this amount of power, one would wonder why this profession is undermined. I have found the answers and possible solution to this based on observations and research.  

Problems and The Writing Resolution 

I think that the problem lies in the lack of education and awareness of writing. Growing up, we encourage children to do technical subjects such as mathematics or other STEM courses. Many Jamaicans scoff at the thought of their children pursuing careers in Humanities or the Arts. Despite there being many successful stories and persons in the field, it hasn’t proven itself to be feasible enough.  

Another problem is the lack of Jamaican platforms and publicity for upcoming Jamaican writers. A solution to this problem can be establishing writing competitions. Also, aspiring authors and authors who have been great at their craft should be given more media recognition. These two simple acts will boost the population’s creativity and act as encouragement. 

To nurture and raise the next generation of writers, a collective effort must be made. Both investors and creatives need to work together to create innovative ways to showcase upcoming talents. In so doing, you allow writers to broadcast a new era of diverse voices and transformative stories. 

Of course, this is Just a Thought.

Suppose you are a Jamaican writer who would like to add to ‘Just A Thought’, contact social@goodnewsjamaica.com for the parameters. Your musings might just be published, just like mine.

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