Your Amazing Passport To College is Exposed and Ready, Here

Your Amazing Passport To College is Exposed and Ready, Here


I have learned many resounding lessons throughout my life. One of those lessons is, ‘when you meet good people, keep them around and learn from them’. I take that lesson very seriously. So, when I heard about Jean Dyce-Harris and Passport to College, I had to reach out to her. It was a decision that I have not regretted.

Mrs Dyce-Harris is an amazing woman whose heart is large, flexible, knowledgeable and experienced. She is no push-over, and at the same time, she is a sucker for youth with a drive. Show Mrs Harris your determination to make the best of yourself through your actions. If you can do that, you will have a friend and mentor for life.

So, I am going to do my best to introduce this wonderful human. I am also going to give you the tools you need to gain her interest and investment in your life. First, let’s start with the information we gained from sitting down with Mrs Dyce-Harris to unearth her foundation.

Hailing from Cooling Spring, Portland, “where the coolest people from Jamaica come from” (According to Ms Jean), Ms Harris attended Hope Bay Primary School and then went on to Excelsior High School. 

In her early 20’s Mrs Harris migrated to the United States and perused her undergraduate degree in Education.  Subsequently, Ms Jean completed her Masters in Communication Studies with a focus of Business. In 1984, she married her best friend, Norman Harris and today she is happy to say that he is still her best friend.

Mrs Harris in bliss with her ‘besty’ Norman
Jean Dyce-Harris

Those are the official statistics of Ms Jean. Notice how many different ways I have referred to her? She loves them all.

Who is Queen Passport?

Mrs Jean Dyce-Harris

Mrs Harris attributes much of her personality to powerful guardians such as her grandparents, and a tight community of people. She is quick to point out that she, “[has] been blessed with a lot of folks who have crossed [her] path that [she] considers being [her] heroes and heroines.  Folks that have made a lifelong impression on [her, from she was a] little girl all the way to now.”

Ms Jean also gives credit to “the market vendors and the shop keepers who taught [her] and held [her] accountable.”  These people instilled confidence in her throughout her life and taught her how to believe in herself. A most memorable notion that she holds on to is, if she puts her mind to something that she really wanted and worked really hard, it will prove that she could do whatever she wanted to do.

‘Respect’ was constant in Mrs Harris’ upbringing.  Another staple was ‘obligation’. Who and what are your obligation focuses?  With this in mind, early life taught her that it is not enough for her to do well for herself, but an expectation for her to do well for others is a must. She learned how to “show up when it counted, and to give when there was a need.”  Ms Jean also learned the benefits of being a part of more than what concerned only her. 

When Mrs Harris is not doing Passport to College work, she prides herself in being a music connoisseur and loves to spend time dancing.  Keeping up with pop culture is also a favourite pass time for Mrs Harris as it keeps her attuned to new talent to watch and enjoy.   She lives a fulfilled life and loves to play hard.  When sitting alone, Ms Jean finds great fun in watching documentaries.  She also loves being around young people and of course, Norman.

Hear From The Shout

What you say about yourself is not that important. What people say about the impact you have had on their lives, that is the measure of a person. Let’s hear from the people Mrs Dyce-Harris, through Passport to College, has impacted.

Ms Janeala Morsby
Janeala Morsby
Mr Kareem Heslop

Below is another student, Kareem Heslop, who was one of the first students to benefit from Passport to College.

Kareem Heslop
Ms Shantal Ewell

Shantal Ewell’s life has changed because of a chance meeting. Here is what she has to say about Ms Jean.

Shantal Ewell
Mr Orlando Watson

The first student to benefit from the work of Ms Jean is Orlando Watson. This is what he feels about the magnificent lady who was the conduit which helped to make the impossible, possible.

Orlando Watson

Your Passport to College Tools

Now that you have a better understanding of who Mrs Jean Dyce-Harris is. It’s time to learn about the company Passport to College. This information will change your life if you let it, so please take the time to read and listen to everything. You will not regret making that decision.

Janeala Morsby
Mrs Jean Dyce-Harris

Every success begins with a process, and below, Mrs Harris explains how to start the battle of changing your life. As was explained before, this process is for the dedicated/committed student who wants and needs an opportunity.

Jean Dyce-Harris – Starting the process
Jean Dyce-Harris – The process part 2

A great reality about PTC is the aspect of teamwork. From start to finish, as Ms Harris stated, there is handholding from the PTC family to the applicant. A major part of the team is referred to as “Villagers”. These are the people who don’t work for PTC, but without them, PTC wouldn’t work. These individuals, families, and companies ensure that the entire time a student is in the programme, they are covered. Letters of Affidavits, housing, clothing, equipment, you name it, the “villagers” come to the rescue each time. Whenever Mrs Harris speaks about the company, two things happen; first, she talks about the students and their successes, then right after that, she highlights the importance of her “Villagers” who are located all over the United States.

The feeling of Success

So you go through the process and wait to find out your status. The letter or call comes to inform you of your success. What is that feeling like? Listen to these students recall that feeling.

Orlando Watson – How it felt to be accepted
Shantal Ewell – A reaction to a scholarship opportunity

Certain realities go hand and hand with migrating. First, there is the realization that this opportunity is actually happening. Then there is the ‘action start’ nostalgic feeling. After that feeling has passed, the culture shock kicks in. It’s only after you get over the shock that you settle down and focus on the reason you migrated in the first place. Listen to these reactions from some of the PTC students.

Kareem Heslop
Janeala Morsby – Her time with PTC
Brittnie-Lee Duffus in the lab

Thankfully each of the students we interviewed was eager to tell their stories. They all said it was about helping others successfully get through the process of becoming a beneficiary of the programme. One willing student gave an account of her experience with PTC that we thought our readers would want to hear fully. Take some time and listen to Brittnie-Lee Duffus below and let us know what you think. We believe that it is a great cap on the great information above to fuel you to get started.

Brittnie-Lee Duffus

So, now it’s your turn. You have enough information to get you started. Do you have what it takes to finish? If so, go to the Passport to College website to learn more and fill out the application to your best life.

Before you leave though, take a gander at the photos below of some of the moments and successful students of the PTC experience.

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  1. Here’s hoping PTC is flooded with applicants. Who knew this existed!!! Bravo, Mrs. Dyce-Harris, for being so generous with your time and knowledge. Bravo, Jamaica, once again. Bravo Mr. Hyatt for more good news to focus on.

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