Wisynco, JP, Tru-Juice Equip Students with Laptops for Back-to-School

Wisynco, JP, Tru-Juice Equip Students with Laptops for Back-to-School


With the new school year scheduled to get underway in October, six top-performing students on the EduFocal online learning platform were the recent recipients of individual laptop computers. The gesture was made possible through the Wisynco Group Limited and its partnership with JP St. Mary Snacks and Tru-Juice.

The presentation of the devices came in time for back-to-school preparations and as a follow up to a $6 million cash contribution from the partner entities – to help offset costs associated with the extended free access to the EduFocal online learning platform and EduFocal L!VE classes during the months of April and May.

For three weeks students competed in a series of live weekly quizzes in the ‘Win A Laptop’ competition for grades 4, 5 and 6 through the award-winning social learning platform. Approximately 4,000 students participated in the weekly Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts and Science quizzes.

Brianna Mullings with her new laptop.

Senior Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Wisynco, Tamara Ward, reiterated that “It is no secret that a good education has the power to change lives.  It is the seed that sparks the progression of a prosperous nation. We felt it was necessary to partner with EduFocal in providing classes for children online, especially in a time when physical distancing was required.”

CEO and Co-Founder of EduFocal, Gordon Swaby, explained that over the period, students were further motivated through competitions and incentives which underscored the tagline of the online resource, ‘Making Learning Fun’. “We use gamification to present test material to students who use our website. This comes in the form of rewards, levels, leader boards and rankings. We have found that this drives behaviours that result in enjoyment, positive feelings and happiness; and ultimately the success of our students. The partnership with Wisynco, Trade Winds and JP St. Mary Snacks certainly increased the participation of our students and has benefitted them tremendously,” Swaby said.

Brianna Mullings, a student at the Hopewell Preparatory School in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth received the award for the top grade four female student. “I was ecstatic and it was an awesome feeling to have won. I love competitions. I will use the laptop for online school and also for games,” Mullings said.

Her mother, Nagiree Sinclair Mullings was also happy that her daughter had topped her grade. “She doesn’t like to lose.  There was another student and the competition was fiery between them. Sometimes late at night, I would have to tell her to go to her bed. She didn’t want to, because she said the other student was gaining on her and she didn’t want him to overtake her,” Mrs Mullings said. An appreciation award was also presented to Anecia Brooks, the teacher with the highest rating from the students. She received a laptop, along with six months’ supply of products from Wisynco’s sponsoring brands.

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