Roxan Whilby – The Benevolent Breast Cancer Survivor

Roxan Whilby – The Benevolent Breast Cancer Survivor

Roxan Whilby

Nurses make up the backbone of the health sector. In these modern times, the profession has become more multidimensional in order to respond to the rapid change and trends in health care. Thus, nurses’ roles have expanded from bedside nursing.

Roxan Whilby has worked as a nurse for the past two (2) years, helping people cope with and heal through their illnesses. Her joy comes from caring for her patients, and the trust that develops with that relationship. Each day she experiences a sense of fulfilment as she helps to provide them with the care they deserve.

Who is Roxan Whilby?

Roxan Whilby

Roxan hails from the community of Benbow, Guys Hill, St. Catherine and is the last of 6 children for her mother. She describes her childhood as humble, fun and surrounded by love and positive influences which caused her to want to pursue a career in education. However, that clear career path changed when her grandfather developed lung cancer. Below Roxan describes the transition in her career path:

Being a nurse is both a passion and a profession for Roxan. She describes it as a unique field that allows you to enjoy the reward of serving people while growing professionally and personally. Despite the obstacles it may bring, opportunities that continually challenge you to be the best you can be are rewarding. Her joy is caring for her patients, and the trust that develops with that relationship. The ability to care for others fulfil her, and providing them with the care they deserve is “absolute bliss”. She describes it as a “service before self profession”; one that never stops giving. Today, Roxan is happy that she is able to give to others what she couldn’t give to her granddad.

Breast Cancer

If breast cancer is found early, there is a better chance of survival. 

Carol Milgard Breast Center

At age 27, Roxan was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer. A small lump in her breast, discovered by her fiancé prompted her to do a mammogram. After several tests, her fears were confirmed – she was cancer positive. Despite being in the medical field and having knowledge about the disease; she was devastated. As far as she was concerned, she received a death sentence. Listen below to find out how Roxan turned her sorrow into a determination to live:

Treatment and Support

“Having cancer is life-changing and hard to deal with. Getting treatment is great but it is hard as well”. This new phase of Roxan’s journey was a trying one. Determined to beat cancer at whatever odds, Roxan did chemotherapy, radiation and had surgeries:

Roxan relied heavily on the love, support and encouragement from her family and loved ones to carry her through the process. On days when she wanted to give up, they were always there to remind her that she is a conqueror:

Changes for Roxan

Roxan Whliby

“Cancer changes lives”. Removing her breasts became the first of many changes in Roxan’s life. She had to reevaluate and reconstruct her diet. She also ensures that she exercises regularly. Roxan’s appreciation for live has now multiplied exponentially.

Roxan is an advocate for regular cancer screening and early detection. Before concluding this interview, she wanted to share this message with both men and women:


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