Experiences are Valuable

Experiences are Valuable


We all love to learn from great people and great leaders, but we also need to embrace learning from our experiences. Every experience is an occasion for reflection and learning. In like manner, successes and failures are opportunities to learn, develop and improve. Sometimes, we find ourselves caught up in the moment that we don’t realise the valuable lesson that life has given to us. In every experience, things did or did not work for us. Our objective, therefore, should always be to learn from what happened. The more you learn from encounters, the more growth and progress impacts your life.

Think back on your life:

  • Are there things that have happened to you from which you can still learn?
  • What experiences or lessons can you use to drive yourself forward?
  • How can you get better at what you want to do now?

There are countless moments from which we choose to learn. Your own experiences present a massive wealth of learning opportunities and possibilities on which you can build a better you.

Simple Lesson

Recently, I had to face my fears to get something I wanted. I love St. Julian, ‘Julie’, mangoes, but only freshly picked. So when I saw a beautiful mango on a tree, I was passing. Naturally, I picked it. Unfortunately, it got stuck on the roof of the house. Knowing that I could never allow this mango to waste, I asked a friend to help me get it down. Consequently, he retorted, “Yuh never climb tree yet? Well, you’re going to climb it today”. He helped me to get on the roof but coming down was entirely up to me. Was I scared? Yes. Did I want to come off the roof? Yes. But I couldn’t let my fear overshadow my ultimate goal which was to come off the roof.

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Make sure that when you are planning your journey, you pay attention to contingency plans. Without them, you will be stuck, scared, and confused. Also remember, in those moments, your determination will fuel your outcome. Stay focused, take time out to assess the situation, then step off. Calculated decisions will get you to your destiny.

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