Just A Thought | Identity

Just A Thought | Identity


There are qualities that humans have that make us unique. For so long, we’ve been fighting with our external world, to make our lives better. We use natural resources to power our homes and advanced weaponry to protect ourselves from each other and other animals. These traits have made us the most dominate species. Coincidently, there is something else that makes us a powerful animal. We can think through our problems and create solutions. Our power lies in knowing who we are and being aware of our impact on the world. In times of crisis, our ability to change who we are becomes critical.

The only way this planet will remain sustainable for human life is through the conscious actions of the global population. The globe needs people who understand that their actions impact the world. The advancement of technology has afforded us the ability to be inter-dependent and, as such, each one of us has a greater responsibility. As global citizens, we are not just responsible for ourselves as we already know, ‘no man is an island’.


Now is the time for change and growth. You are not alone on this journey. You can do anything and become anything. Choosing to discover or rediscover your true identity through this crisis is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It leads to the possibility of a life of fulfilment. Most people don’t realize that the loss of ones true identity starts as a subtle source of stress. We don’t understand that our pain and distress is coming from this loss.

What is identity? Your identity is the characteristics, feelings or beliefs that make us different from each other. Most folks emphasize external sources for identification. Mostly looking to our jobs, and our material possessions, even our relationships as sources of our identity. As I type, many folks are dealing with the pains of an identity crisis; depression, confusion, hopelessness as a result of loss and are suffering from a false sense of inability to move around freely. Not so severe are feelings of frustration, easily angered, or lack of patience. The narrative of loss creates fear and diminishes hope. However, having a strong identity based on internal sources allows us to experience belonging and community outside of our circumstances.  Imagine being able to be free to be who you naturally are without external approval.

Our True Identity, Our Way

We can create our stories by asking ourselves questions, such as; “What do I love? Which part on life’s stage, is mine? What do I value? What are my triggers?”. Asking close friends and family to write down how we impact them will begin to help us see what we bring to the world. We need to start looking for new ways of expressing ourself.

It becomes essential to be kind to the folks closest to you.  It is also vital to release those people around you who demonstrate that they don’t have your best interest at heart.  Doing this might mean taking yourself away from them by no longer interacting with them.  It might also mean changing the way you react to them so that your response protects you first.  Once you have sanitized your company, accept things as they indeed are. To create something new, you have to admit what is real.

The steps above allow us to create positive versions of ourselves so that we may present ourselves to the world as our true identity.

Telling a story about who you are, when you choose a narrative of hope and progress, gives you the power to build a foundation that moves you forward and gives your life meaning and purpose.


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  1. Interesting piece! So the way you view yourself, the identity you create for yourself is often quite different from how others identity and see you. Which becomes our true identity? Which of the two really matter?

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