Non-Profits to the Rescue – Part 1

Non-Profits to the Rescue – Part 1


‘In the darkness, there is always light somewhere; you just have to find it.’ – Obsidian Mask by Scarlett Dawn. The Good News Jamaica team is on a mission to help you find the light in this Covid-19 pandemic.

A lot of people are being affected by the recent pandemic and life for many have changed indefinitely. Despite the challenges, we’ve seen where several organizations and people have risen to the occasion. My favourites, however, have been the Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) who are selflessly impacting our nation. NPOs are geared towards furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. Their objective is to operate a business for the benefit of the public without a motive for making a profit. That’s right, they don’t make money from funds generated.!

Non-Profit Organizations

The list below includes some of the NPOs that were brought to our attention:

  • The Scout Association of Jamaica – has been supporting the Government’s effort Ohto contain the spread of COVID-19. Helping people is one of the key principles of scouting. Since the beginning of this month, they have donated 5 gallons of bleach and disinfectant to either childcare facilities and golden age homes in each scout district. The organisation will also make available to the Government two medical tents. These tents can be used in the event that emergency departments at hospitals become oversaturated during the pandemic.
  • Street People Liberation. This is a youth-led charity established in 2014 by Miss Ashli-Ann Broughton. They are geared towards assisting the homeless population in Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica. They conduct several feeding projects on Public Holidays and provide the homeless and shelters with care packages throughout the year. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, they have doubled their efforts to care for the less fortunate. Recently, they distributed freshly cooked meals and care packages in Montego Bay, while obeying the protocols and beating the curfew.
Volunteers preparing care packages for the homeless

Selfless Acts of Kindness

The Jamaica Association of Administrative Professionals (JAAP), St. Ann chapter has been in existence since 1975. They are dedicated to professionalism and ensuring that the Administrative Professionals perform at the highest level of integrity. Along with World Earth Day, April 22nd is annually celebrated as Administrative Professional’s Day. However, on their special day this year, they decided to share their light.

Instead of celebrating themselves, they offered support to the Jamaica Household Workers Union (JHWU). Household workers are unfortunately among the vulnerable workgroups in this pandemic. Why you may ask? People are being encouraged to stay at home, observe social distancing and in some instances self-quarantine. As a result, some household workers havee been laid off. After hearing the plea for care packages from Miss Shirley Pryce, President of the JHWU, they decided to intervene. At the ceremony, held in St. Ann, the Administrative Professional and Boss of the year for St. Ann delivered a motivational speech to the household workers. The care packages were distributed afterwards. I love this selfless act of kindness. It was their day to be celebrated by others, however they chose to serve and celebrate others instead.

Service Before Self | NPOs on a Mission | Good News Jamaica

If you have any information about non-profit organizations or people who are helping to combat this virus, please free to let us know about them! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on social media for weekly updates.

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  1. I love to see when we help ourselves. We really need to depend on each other as Jamaicans and show that we can be our brother’s keepers. Stop the “bad mind” and keep up the love.

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