Covid 19: Our Unsung Heroes

Covid 19: Our Unsung Heroes


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has placed me in a reflective mood. I now have enough time to think about all the times I have been ungrateful. There have been many times that I’ve failed to show my gratitude to our essential workers – our heroes. Each day, countless people serve our communities but are often overlooked because they are ‘just doing their jobs.’

The fallout from COVID-19 has helped me understand how much of a difference our service workers make. Along with health care workers and government leaders who are navigating these difficult times, the following categories of people are just as important, as they continue to serve us on the frontline:

Service Workers

  • Porters and Nurses – they are the first responders at a hospital. They are the ones who handle most of the pressure of taking care of a sick and some times irate patient. These heroes are essential in maintaining the smooth running of a hospital.
  • Assisted Living and Nursing Home Staff – despite many facilities being closed to visitors; they continue to care for some of our most vulnerable citizens.
  • Custodial Staff – a clean environment is something we all enjoy. However, constant cleanliness is one of the weapons to defeat this virus. These staffs are lifesavers, especially at frequently visited places.
  • Sanitation Workers/ Garbage Collectors – these heroes serve one of the most important jobs of all. Without waste collection, we could not live the relatively sterile lives that we do today. We lift our hats to you!
  • Grocery Store Staff – these Covid-19 heroes are often underappreciated, by the very people they serve, but we are now aware of their worth. Whether it’s the person stocking shelves, the cashier or the person packing the bags; we salute you.
  • Security Officers – many businesses are closed but still need security staff to protect their properties. Also, they are necessary to enforce social distancing at several business establishments, where there are many people. They provide a sense of order and calm in an unnerving time. 
  • Teachers – I am sure every parent agrees with me. Teachers are unsung heroes, hidden leaders fighting to impact lives amidst the crisis. Through sheer force of will, they continue to support, educate and help our students via the internet.
  • The Media – these heroes are working their hardest to relay vital information to keep us connected and entertained. Even though they are telling painful stories of sickness and death, they still try to lift our spirits with inspiring accounts of selfless support during the pandemic.

We are the World

Brand Manager at Vitamalt, Kevon Spence (left), is assisted by Digital Media Coordinator at Wisynco Group Limited, Mikhail Russell during the donation of 15,360 bottles of 500ml WATA® and 7,200 bottles of 330ml Vitamalt to the National Chest Hospital.

I am proud of how the world has shifted into overdrive to help our country defeat Covid-19. There have been donations of almost everything needed for this pandemic crisis. Below Judith Hyatt shares some of the beautiful contributions the different sectors have made:

COVID-19 Response | Update | Rescue News Jamaica

They may not wear capes nor hold high public office. But they are truly the ones who provide respite during storms of uncertainty. Although the list isn’t complete, just think about all the people that make your life easier.

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