Stacy Ann Garvey: The Resurrected

Stacy Ann Garvey: The Resurrected

Stacy Ann

The world is filled with powerful women with inspiring stories but one that touches me the most is that of Stacy Ann Garvey. I have always admired people who have been through the storms and fires of life but chose to rise. The ability to overcome struggles, mistakes, and poor choices and still be able to hold your head high is a skill many of us haven’t mastered. There’s nothing as respectable as admitting your faults and telling your story truthfully. Throughout my 19 years of life, I’ve heard that our testimonies are not for ourselves. Recently, I have found that statement to be true. We go through what we go through so that we may encourage others.


I met the resurrected Stacy Ann when I visited a friend’s church last summer. I say, resurrected because the Stacy Ann before that was “a walking dead”. She was alive but not living. Before her encounter with God in prison, she was unstable; like paper, she went with the wind. Below, she explains who she was before her revival:

Going to prison for many would seem like the end of the world, but it was the beginning for Stacy Ann. Previously, in a quest to fund her lifestyle, she ended up on the wrong side of the law. With no escape from herself or her situation, she attempted suicide multiple times. Being frustrated with both her life and her suicide failures, she cried out to God for help. Two weeks after her surrender to Him, she ended up in prison.


Where everybody saw condemnation and failure; God saw hope. In prison, it is customary for churches to visit the inmates to share the Gospel and strengthen the inmate’s faith. During one particular visit from a church, Stacy Ann received a ‘word’ from God through Bishop Fabian Steele. ‘Don’t let the devil end your story’. That statement, coupled with her newly found knowledge of God’s love, according to 1st John 3:1 that started her transformation:

While in prison, she gave birth to her son, whom she thought she had aborted. She tried her best to explain what being pregnant in prison was like. To fully get an understanding, look out for her soon to be released memoir which chronicles her life. Stacy Ann explains that her pregnancy was the most challenging part of her almost five years’ sentence:

The prison was where her training and purification began; however, the sea wasn’t always calm after her release.


When Stacy Ann came home in 2014, many challenging situations awaited her arrival. She had to come face to face with unresolved issues which led her to prison. She began feeling rejected by both friends and family as well as, criticized and judged. To stand firm, God had to deliver her from the opinion and stereotypes of people, which she explains below:


In 2017, she started ministering and encouraging others who may have been in prison or prison-like situations. But it wasn’t until late last year that she began her actual ministry: Resurrected Garvey Ministries. That was when the Lord gave her the green light:

The name for her ministry came from the Lord Himself; He gave her the name ‘Resurrected’ because her life is a life of resurrection. She must empower and motivate people who are struggling with depression, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, abortions and other things which she has overcome:


Stacy Ann

With inspiration from God, she recently started a ‘Prison Break Series’. The first staging was in January as a one-day conference. The series aim is to inspire and give hope to people, and to deliver them (with the help of God) from their ‘prison sentences’. The next leg of her journey will see her going into prison to spread light, the Gospel and God’s love in the attempt to save others, just like it happened with her.

To the ones who are bound or oppressed, Stacy Ann’s words to you are similar to the ones she got: ‘Don’t let circumstances end your story’.

Stacy Ann’s ministry can be reached by dialling 876-504-7179 or through their email: ressurectedgministries@gmail.com.

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