Anthony O’Reilly – Salt of the Earth

Anthony O’Reilly – Salt of the Earth


When travelling around Jamaica, one of my favourite things to do is to sit and talk with random people. There really doesn’t have to be a reason for me to stop and talk. Mi “Love chat”, so say my loved ones. With this intention, I get a chance to meet some of the greatest personalities throughout my day. I had the pleasure of doing this when I took a childhood friend who was visiting the island, to Dunns River Falls. I sat and spoke with Anthony O’Reilly of St. Ann.

Mr O’Reilly is the human representation of what we Jamaican would call “Good people”. We are thankful that we chose to video this self-employed JUTA driver, husband, father, and so much more. This man is a gem and the personification of “Salt of the Earth”. He and people like him are the reason Jamaica is so popular. Mr O’Reilly smiles with his entire body, but never shows off. While he is continuously helping people, it is important for them to note that the help they receive is not about him. He does what he does only because he sees a need. Leading by example makes him into who he is. He wants other Jamaicans to feel pride in being positive in and for our little island.

Handing lunch to a man who lives under this structure.

On many occasions, you can find Mr O’Reilly handing out lunch to the homeless, elderly, or less fortunate. His parents proved that doing more than just existing is very important. They were all taught that the fact that they are alive, means they can help others. With this intention Mr O’Reilly wants people to join him, where ever they are and pitch in to make someone’s life a little bit better.

Check out our reasoning below and don’t forget to leave us a comment on YouTube or here below this article. Big up yourself Mr O’Riley!

Mobile Reasoning With Anthony O'Reiley from Ocho Rios

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4 Responses

  1. I have the personal pleasure of calling Mr O’riley my friend. You don’t find them any better.

  2. Our greatest friend, been traveling with Mr. O’Reilly for years, every trip to Jamaica. He is an ambassador and one of the kindest people on earth.

  3. Mr O’Reilly is a wonderful person and takes pride in his family, his country, and God. We love visiting with him and having him drive us when we are in Jamaica. He keeps us entertained and shows us things we would have never otherwise seen. He will make you fall in love with his country. We love you Anthony

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