Tori Haber: The Creative

Tori Haber: The Creative


In life, many go with the flow. In contrast, there are some who live life intentionally. We enjoy our jobs, enjoy impacting lives and enjoy family. Tori Haber stands proud of being in the group of the latter. She is a testimony to the power of passion, drive and a real can-do attitude.

Tori is a woman of multiple visions. She currently serves as the Director of Photography at RD Studios and is the Business Development Manager for MDLink. Her other hats include freelance event planner and manager. He also heads her own photography company: Tori Haber Photography.

Tori Haber

Anyone who knows Tori personally can attest to her bubbly and happy personality. She is a confident powerhouse and is famous for her charisma. Ever notice how some people just naturally seem to shine and make friends? Just by walking into a room they become well-liked and the centre of attraction. Everyone wants to be around them. This is Tori Haber!

She attributes her sold unwavering personality to her parents’ expertise in raising her. The most compelling evidence is that Tori grew up in a loving environment, nurtured by Christian parents. Her parents set Godly examples for her and her brother. She further explained that she is “comfortable in [her] own skin.” She advises to “never try to be an imitation of anyone but be yourself.” When you ‘own your magnificence’ you send out undefinable energy that announces your presence.

T is for Talented

Tori Haber doing what she loves best

This multi-talented 22-year-old is a woman who epitomizes hard work and determination. She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona, graduating with First Class Honours. The ‘beauty with brains’ holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communication with a minor in Entertainment and Cultural Enterprise Management.

Remaining in a state of open-mindedness; failure has no real impact on Tori. With this intention, Tori joined empowering clubs and societies in her youth. Each experience helped build the woman she is now. As a lover of art, she has been active in performing arts, particularly drama. Her other talents include leadership, sports marketing and the “love of her life'” photography.

This creative genius is a photophile; she is never without her camera. Tori is often snapping photos or tucked away editing. Subsequently, she has built a reputation for doing incredible work in the entertainment and sports industries. Her professional credits include working with entertainers such as Naomi Cowan, Jahmiel, Jada Kingdom, Ding Dong, and many more. Two of her first professional jobs were as a photographer for SLEEK Magazine and a photojournalist for the Caribbean Premier League. Recently, she carried out photojournalism duties for the 2019 LaLiga Experience in Seville, Spain for SportsMax TV.

Giving Forward

Tori’s philosophy is to inspire other people while doing what God created her to do. She lives to ‘make her light shine before men so God can get the glory’. One of her core values is ‘charity’. Tori takes every opportunity to share or simply ‘give back’, she always does so with a grateful heart. She is also keen on youth empowerment and has often found herself giving motivational talks and career advice to her peers and high school students.

Tori Haber featuring members of the St. Hugh’s for Girls’ Photography Club

Below, Tori elaborates on her vision as well as things that ignites her passion:

Gratitude is a Must!

Tori Haber (left) and her mother; Bishop Christine Haber (right)

Tori is beyond grateful for the blessings that have fallen by her right hand. She admits that she wouldn’t have been where she is today without the input and guidance from many persons. She considers her family, her mother in particular, as her biggest cheerleaders. Her family keeps her grounded and supports all her dreams and projects whether big or small. Other individuals who have helped to shape her include Tanya Lee, who ‘fans her sports flame’. Andrew Bellamy, who was the one who got her into the entertainment industry and has continuously supported her and Rogen ‘Ruption’ Walker, who sparks her creativeness.

A Word for Creatives


‘Just do it! Always try to put your best foot forward. Never be afraid to try. Don’t let yourself become crippled by failure’. Tori encourages creatives to pursue whatever is on their hearts and embedded in their minds:

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  1. Blessings and Guidance Tori, always a Joy seeing you on assignments, love your infectious passion and drive and you make our field of work look so much more beautiful than we can, all the best and success in continuing to do what you love to do.

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